Saturday, February 14, 2009

My Valentine at Plate

Valentine's day dinning at this retro chic restaurant in Holiday Inn, Plate. The service was good, food quite nice too. They put us in a little corner all my ourselves, nice and quiet (^_^). The only drawback was they couldn't produce the crème brûlée I ordered. Their hand-held torch is broken :(

Capsicum with stuffed feta

Coupled with deep fried squid ring with rivioli

Grilled Salmon

Steak cooked to medium

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Petite Lass said...

Happy Valentine's Day! *Envy envy* Nice place indeed. Are my eyes playing trick on me or you are wearing pink stockings or it's the lighting - your legs look pinkish...LOL

Doreen said...

LOL, your eyes are fine. I was wearing a light pink stockings.

mistipurple said...

happy valentine's, doreen!
i love your stockings and you look so sexy in that pose!

emotionalistic said...

Happy Valentine's gal! You look great in your black dress and oh, the Burberry bag :).

oceanskies79 said...

Happy Valentine's. May you feel you are loved everyday.

Josephine said...

Doreen, the portion kinda small.
Enough for u or not? hehehehe

Arrowouiz said...

Envy you !! Really sweet couple !!! But i guess the dinner wasn't cheap at all ...

nic said...

ooo.. the steak looks nice.. it's so thick!

Trinity said...

Happy Valentine dear Doreen... You look stunning in those dress!

Agnes Sim said... have a lovely valentine.

Doreen said...

Oops, how come I forgot to reply comments?

Haha, thanks Misti.

Thanks gal. Had to put some effort in dressing up this occasion.

Thanks! (^_^)

Normally not enough, but that day I was quite full. Dunno why.

The dinner was a bit expensive but once a year occasion, ok lah. HEhehehe

Hehehehe, it is quite nice actually.

Thank you sweetie!

Agnes Sim:
Hehehehe, yeah. Any celebration with food is good.