Monday, February 16, 2009

Road trip 2: Canterbury and Otago region 23-26 Jan 09 – Lake Tekapo

My 2nd road trip, in just a week after the first one. I must say it was pretty tiring though this 2nd one was actually a bit more leisure than the 1st. I believe it is the cascading exhaustion from the 1st one. By the time we were back from this 2nd trip, I was really not looking forward to the 3rd one coming in 1.5 week. 3 road trips in the span of 3.5 weeks, all the results of spontaneous decisions due to the cheap flights that came in almost the same time.

This 2nd trip took 4 days 3 nights. We flew off to Christchurch on Friday 23th Jan and started our journey right away to Lake Tekapo for a night. Then, to Oamaru and back to Christchurch on 25th Jan for CNY eve. We flew back the next day.

Our first stop, Lake Tekapo. I was there one winter long long time ago. Due to the disappointment I had with Lake Wanaka, I didn't put much hope on Tekapo this time. As much as l would like to be optimistic, I hate to be disappointed again. Funny how things always turn out better when you least expected it. I can still clearly remember I was like "WOAH!!" with eyes as big as you could imagine as soon as the lake came in sight. I had never seen a lake that beautiful. The turquoise colour water beat Wanaka hands down! I don't remember Tekapo being this beautiful the last time I was there.

Toyota this time!

The famous Collie Dog Statue

Chapel of the Good Shepperd

The perfect place for a romantic wedding

Our dinner for the night.....


emotionalistic said...

Wow. The lake is indeed very beautiful. So blue...just like how we used to color our drawings when we were young. Also, it reminds me of my trip to Lake Tahoe in 2006. Btw, how come you can jump so high one? :P

nic said...

get to c yr boy boy for the first time hehe :D

Doreen said...

LOL, high meh? May be is the shoes? Got spring one? Hahahaha

Hehehehe, he prefers to be behind the lens that's why don't normally see him much.

jezalmy said...

I wish i can spend my holiday here. 3 days for me also can. The lake is beatiful and ofcourse the little gal in the photo also look pretty la. This must thanks to the photographer...hehe

mistipurple said...

pigi jumped higher than you. that's why he cannot be seen in the pic even. :p

EastCoastLife said...

This place doesn't look real! OMG! It's so stunning!

oceanskies79 said...

Ah..... maybe I need to learn more about New Zealand to make a trip there one day.

Doreen said...

Little gal? LOL old lady already lah. Hahahaha.

LOL. Well, not really. Sad to report, Pigi quit liao. He has moved to piggy island to enjoy his life there.

I didn't believe my eyes too when I reached there. The lake is really too good to be true.

Yes, I believe you will love it here.

^^TeReNcE^^ said...

the scenary very very nice lor :)

happy weekend. ganbatte! :)

Doreen said...

Thanks. Hope you have had a good one too!

Ying Huey said...

Hi Doreen, the lake is really beautiful. Wooowww... Your photos make me want to come back to visit South Island! Of course, visit you and Rick, too. Hehe... I still think NZ is the most beautiful country. My favourite photo is the one with you jumping. Very lively and cheerful.

Doreen said...

Ying Huey:
HELLO stranger! Never thought I would see you here. Yes, I reckon NZ is really a gem in the earth. Come back, for good or for holiday. Wait you!

Agnes Sim said...

photos are so beautiful!! May i know what model of camera u are using?

Doreen said...

Agnes Sim:
Thanks. Using Canon 40D (^_^)