Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Road trip 2: Canterbury and Otago region 23-26 Jan 09 – Oamaru

This is where the highlight of my trip was!! You will know why later.

Woke up really early in the morning to enjoy the beautiful Tekapo before leaving for Oamaru

Had a hot pie for breakfast just outside our hotel room. Notice the bird eyeing my food...

In less than a minute, I was confronted by all these! Tell me, how can I enjoy my breakfast with so many eyes looking? (>_<)

Just when we left Tekapo, we had a picture stop at this beautiful Lake Pukaki, not very far from Tekapo. Gosh, I was astounded!



Saw these hays people while entering Kurow. What a happy family! SO CUTE can?

Aww.....look at the doggie. I want I want!

Finally arrived into Oamaru....Had a light lunch before we tried our luck in finding my long coveted mission.



My mission of visiting a sunflower field has finally been accomplished today, after many years of searching. You have no idea how delighted I was when I saw this sea of yellow. I was over the moon, back and over the sun!! I was like a mad cow climbing over the fence (with owner's permission) running across the thick and long grassland towards the sunflowers. Any road blocks would be kicked out of the way, no mercy! Muahahahaha.

I love this picture very much. Very peaceful and refreshing.

After the sunflower craze, we drove back to our motel for a cool down. The sweltering hot weather was just too much to take I felt like I was going to melt away and desperately needed a cool shower and some rest.

Later, we drove about 25 mins to Moeraki Boulders where you could find many big dinosaurs’ eggs lying along Koekohe beach. Ok lah, there are not dinosaurs’ eggs, but some sort of huge, spherical heavy (several tonnes) stones which have been exposed as a result of erosion from the cliffs along the beach. Quite an interesting sight really.

Alien eggs

More alien eggs

The Alien!! Muahahaha

Muahahahaha, this is so funny! Rick crack the eggs with his 如來神掌.

As we were about to leave Moeraki to stuff ourselves with instant noodles for a quick fixed in our motel, an impromptu decision brought us to this one and only restaurant in Moeraki for dinner, and boy wasn't I glad we did that. The food was just incredibly scrumptious. It was heavenly!

Fish 'n' chips

Chicken burger

Some random pics taken in at night

It was a hot and quiet night. The star lights were bright. Simply beautiful!

Here is the video clip


nic said...

gosh those landscapes and sceneries are heavenly!

emotionalistic said...

Wow. Breathtaking photos 0_0. You can use the pictures of scenaries as desktop wallpaper :).

mistipurple said...

very nice.
words cannot express.
bet pigi twirled round the whole sunflower field on one leg. ;)

Doreen said...

Yes it is beautiful. I would love to have a holiday home by the sunflower fields!

Haha, actually I am currently using one of the sunflower field photos as my desktop wallpaper. Feel really good seeing it everyday!

Hahahaha, you have real good imagination Misti! And I twirled with him too, on one leg. Hahaha

EastCoastLife said...

Seeing these beautiful scenery, I want to go for holiday in NZ!

What's the accommodation charges like for a night in such places?

Agnes Sim said...

Oh no...a lot of nice pic here. Views there are awesome. Wish i can be there 1 day.

Doreen said...

Yes, come come! Accomodation is approx NZ$120 per night.

Agnes Sim:
Yes, hope you can visit here one day. You'll really be amazed. (^_^)

oceanskies79 said...

How beautiful!

Doreen said...

The weather was fabulous too!

EastCoastLife said...

average price for accommodation in NZ? That's affordable!

Got to check the air fares. hehe...

Doreen said...

Yeah, but not 4/5 stars one hor. Hehehe

Petite Lass said...

Just a quick summary:
Scenery - breath-taking
Food - yummy
"Model" in the photo - simply beautiful

Doreen said...

Petite Lass:
Haha, thanks!

Chen said...

Wow, so beautiful..

And.. u r hatched from the alien egg?

Trinity said...

waaaaah.... really! I envy you!!! Waaaa!!! so beautiful! is it at NZ? wah you are so lucky... I believe that the place is far more stunning than the pictures I see here because no camera can capture the whole beauty of nature... I wanna go there too! and I want to be slimmy as well when I am there someday hahahah

Trinity said...

btw I got to be hurry to visit the beach before the dino's egg getting smaller becoz of erosion right? hmm....

Doreen said...

Hahahaha, ya ya, me an way overdue alien baby. LOL

Yes, you really have to be here to indulge in the scenery, and you're very slim already from what I can see.

The dino's egg, well they probably will but in hundred years time I think. Also, as the time gone by, there will be more to be surfaced too as a result of erosion.

Shinky said...

Seeing your photos really .... *talkless...* Too beautiful already.. >.<" Envy.

Doreen said...

Thanks! (^_^)