Sunday, March 01, 2009

Company shirts

The company shirts that I ordered have arrived. We're entitled two per person at company's expense, 1 wool jersey + 1 top. There are two different types of top to choose from, a black jumper or a light blue shirt. I like the black jumper design, very stylish but I am not black person if giving a choice, and since the jersey is already black I opted for the blue shirt. Geez....big mistake. The blue shirt is so ugly on me, totally an eye sore. The cutting is just wrong. The shoulder is too small, the bust and waist too big. *shake head* Even uglier than my pyjamas! There is no way I would wear this.

As for the jersey, it is 100%, very warm. The fitting is not perfect on me, but I can live with it.

The pink stars are not part of the design. It is to cover off my company's name. Hehehe

Replying a tag from Josephine

The rules are, everything have to be hand written.
U can scan it, take a picture of it, or whatever ways.

1.Your name.
2.Left/right handed.
3.Favourite alphabet to write
4.Least favourite alphabet to write
5.Write down " The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog"(Notice it contains all alphabet in this sentence)
6.Name 6 of the people you're gonna tag..

On lighter note. We have roast pork for dinner today. 2 hours slow roast to perfection. Yum yum!


nic said...

this reminds me of my commpany's polo-T. i think i should dig it out from my closet and wear it... :D

EastCoastLife said...

You have to wear the uniform to work? :S

The roast pork looked yummy!

Josephine said...

ur hand writing very nice loh...

Doreen said...

Oh, sounds like you don't wear it at all. Hehehehe. Why? You don't like it?

No lah, it is optional. But we're encouraged to wear it for social activities, i.e. presentation, conference, meeting clients etc

Huh? My handwriting? Cakar ayam leh I think. LOL

mistipurple said...

can alter?
and take in the sides or create a seam or whatever you all it, both sides down the front and a little at the back. that will slim down the shirt and give it a better fit.

mistipurple said...

typo 'all' is 'call'

Petite Lass said...

Ah, not bad. At company's expense. Go for alteration, perhaps? Hey, you have beautiful handwriting. Mine is totally gone with the wind. Perhaps I have not been writing regularly like I used to in the good old school days.

JustJasmine said...

love the handwriting, and the shirts, hmmmm not that bad but yeap too big for you ...

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Doreen, those shirts look okay to me. Like the stars though.
Anymore of that roast pork left? Ha ha.
My wife is like you, can eat but not put on weight.
Love the gorgeous scenery...but always have a problem, can't decide look at you or background, *wink*. Lee.

jezalmy said...

Hei, you got company shirt, good can save cost company also have and I got Polo-T with many logo on it too. Got it since last yr but never wear once as I hate the logo part. Abit like free advertising for them.

MisSmall said...

Wow, did you make that roast pork, hun? I think I have new found respect for you now. Haha. It looked like perfection on a plate! *Drools*

Charles Key said...

hmmm, vr unique handwriting.

mistipurple said...

i just realised it's roast pork.

hehehe. :P

Doreen said...

Ya, can alter, but the alteration charges here can buy another shirt already. So just not worth it loh. I need my mum.....

Petite Lass:
Thanks but I thought my handwriting is kinda messy looking. Hehehehe

Hahaha, yeah, a tad too big for me actually.

Doreen said...

Uncle Lee:
Hahaha, Lee your comment always so funny and flattering. I wouldn't want to buy that shirt for myself.

Haha, that's the main idea behind the company shirt lah. Free advertising for them.

Hehehe, sorry have to disappoint you. This roast pork was done by Rick. Hehehehehe.

Doreen said...

Charles Key:
Unique? Emm....that's good or bad? HEhehehe

Hahahahha, calm down, calm down. Pigi still here dancing lah. Muahahahaha

Chen said...

kekeke, the pink star looks like part of the design of the clothes :P