Monday, March 23, 2009

Hectic Monday

I had a hectic day today. The frustrations were so great that I was swearing hard in my mind. Two of my colleagues were away today, one on annual leave and the other sick leave. I normally have no problem coping but out of nowhere, along came this URGENT thing that needed to be done by end of today. Worst is, it was something that I had never done before. So, I spent the whole morning running around, ringing around hassling people, trying to collect as much information as I could to carry out this task. I even had to ring up my colleage who is enjoying sunshine by the beach. I felt bad interrupting his holiday.

Luckily, with all the helps it was done (and dusted hopefully) just after lunch time. Phew!

Monday is coming to an end, now I'm one day closer to the weekend. Wee~~~~


Josephine said...

monday blue...
Back to work after one week of holiday...

jezalmy said...

Wow, at least you manage to finished on time. I hate monday as I know this day is the most busy day for me.

nic said...

im still struggling :(... taking a break to clear my mind a bit...

Doreen said...

Must be even harder for you to kick start the day. Hope Monday is treating well lah.

Everyone hates Monday except when Monday is a holiday. LOL

Not long before your home time I think? Ya, get yourself a cup of strong coffee. Hehehe

mistipurple said...

lol, i had to check which day you posted this when you said you're one day closer to the weekend!!
you are very efficient and effective to get the job done wor. bravo!
hugs to a pretty lass.
i love the dress before this post. i should rephrase, you make the dress look really good!

Towards healthy and leisure life~! said...

haha... have a wonderful week ahead!

emotionalistic said...

LOL. So fast to start thinking about weekend already. You are thinking very positively :P.

mistipurple said...

where is pigi? 0.o

oceanskies79 said...

A pat on your shoulder. You have done your best, and it seems like you have managed to get the things done on a very hectic Monday. Cheers.

Now you are even closer to weekend.

EastCoastLife said...

I was feeling kan cheong for you as I read your post. Luckily you pulled through.

Enjoy your coming weekend. :)

Irenelim said...

One more day before weekend arrives! Yeah....

EastCoastLife said...

TGIF! Your weekend is here! :)

Petite Lass said...

Wow, managed to get it done after lunch - way before the dateline. Kudos! well, your wish comes true. It's Saturday today! :) Chill out.

Doreen said...

hahaha, too early to think about weekend I know.

Towards healthy and leisure life~!:
Thanks, and you too!

Haha, thinking of weekend is my way to getting through the week. Hehehe

Pigi retired liao. He is now enjoying his life in Piggy Island. lol

Thanks! Yes, now I'm enjoying my weekend. And I hope you have a good one too.

Yeah, I didn't think I could pull through actually. Phew!

And the weekend is here!!!! Muahahahaha. So happy!

Ah yes! Finally! Hope you enjoying your weekend too.

Petite Lass:
Thanks! Spending my whole day watching drama and cried like hell.