Saturday, March 21, 2009


Had a wee shopping today. Rick finally decided to buy the sling bag he saw in Country Road to replace his current working bag. And, nope, nothing for me.

Then we went yum cha at Dragon. We were quite late but was lucky to get a table. Didn't get to eat what I wanted. The egg tarts, steam bbq pork buns and 豬腸粉 were not where in sight. No, I lied, I did see the egg tarts but was taken by the table before us then no more coming. We were fed up in waiting, off we left. Not satisfied. So we went for 2nd round, trying this new place called Mo Mo Tea, a Chinese chain tea house. We ordered a green tea thick toast, coffee milk tea and taro milk tea.

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What I wore today


emotionalistic said...

Where is the place in the last picture? I like the view in the background and I notice you have a couple of pictures of the same view if not mistaken :). And the green tea it nice?

Doreen said...

That's the front yard of my house lah. That's why quite number of photos taken there. Hehehehe. The green tea toast, good but not great. I would go for peanut one next time.

oceanskies79 said...

Sounds like food that you had wanted are popular choices and it was often not available. Could you order it if none comes by?

Winn said...

wkend is here doreennnnnn!!!!!!!!!!

cheers with chinese tea!

nic said...

is the egg tart there tastes the same like ours in malaysia? which one is better?

Doreen said...

Yeah. I ordered but never arrived :(

CHEERS! with chinese tea and a mouthful of siew mai. LOL

Nope different. The base is different. I prefer egg tart here, richer and with very crispy base. YUM!

Petite Lass said...

I like the sling bag! It looks good. Ah, you gotta be earlier next time. Good food never waits ;p

EastCoastLife said...

They sell Taiwanese food too! :)
I would prefer dimsum.

Nice sling bag. Hope it's not too expensive.

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Doreen, Rick had good taste, I love that bag!
Have always love bags with buckles....guess from schooldays time no backpacks, ha ha.

And Doreen, you look a real WOW! In that beautiful outfit.
Being a portrait photographer, you are a photographer's delight, *wink*.

Have fun Doreen and stay gorgeous. Lee.

jezalmy said...

The green tea toast looks yummy. Egg tarts, i just had one this morning from 棠记饼家, hmm wonder what is the taste from the Dragon

Doreen said...

Petite Lass:
Yes, next time have to be on the dot at 11am, when they open.

Rick thinks it is expensive loh, but I think it is reasonable coz' it is genuine leather.

Uncle Lee:
Yes, I love bag with buckles too. It gives this kind of vintage feel, very classic.

Those from Dragon are just like the ones I tasted in Hong Kong. Fresh from the oven, and when you take a bite, the crisps fall down like snowing. lol. OMG, I so want to eat it now.

Irenelim said...

You mention egg tarts only make my salivate... haha. BTW, you look great in pink! :)