Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My take on Starlit (no spoiler)

Just finished watching Starlit final episode. And I’m still crying typing this entry. I guess I wanted to jot down my thoughts before it all go away.

Starlit, the best Taiwanese idol drama I’ve ever seen. It beats Meteor Garden hands down just because this drama touches each and every human heart. Top it off with excellent acting skills from all the actor/actress. Jerry’s acting has improved hell of a lot.

I’m not a fan of sad drama but I’m real glad I have watched this. Though sad, this drama fills with nothing but love, the precious thing that keeps every human being alive. The story is real and whole. Through this drama, I (and I’m sure many that have watched) have learned a lot from it. Life is precious, life is vulnerable and life is all about not having regrets. When there is no regret, you know you have lived a life!

Here is the MV of the movie.


Josephine said...

I feel like watching it too.
Really cries a lot one ar?

Petite Lass said...

Woooo..this is tempting hehe. You have blogged a few times about it. So, should be worth watching eventhough I am not a fan of sad dramas ;)

Shinky said...

Another reason for my company to buy a Nespresso Machine... ^.^

Trinity said...

hhhhhhhhh.......... really don't dare to see it... hhhhhhhh... my feeling towards Jerry is really deep... I think I can't take it if I watch it... :-((

jezalmy said...

I think I should ask my sis buy this DVD for me to watch as she like to keep all those taiwanese and korean drama. What I need to do is prepare fews tissue box first....so i got unlimited supply..just scare I cry non-stop only

Irenelim said...

I haven't got the time to watch this yet. :)

Doreen said...

Yes, be prepared to cry a lot, but at the end of it, you would feel it's all worth it!

Petite Lass:
Yeah, really worth watching, worth all your tears. lol. The drama is sad, but quite a lot of times I cried because of the love you could feel out of it.

LOL. Are you saying you gonna burn your midnight oil watching this?

Doreen said...

That bad huh? May be you can watch like the first few episodes and see if you want to continue? Jerry is really good and cute in there I tell ya!

Hahaha, if you're those who easily tears, then yes, lots of tissues!!!

Yeah, you do need time to watch this kind of dramas, coz' once start it's non-stop till the end man!. lol

Winn said...

wahhaha! sorry i feel like laughing when u said 'laughing exercise' :P cant help me

i feel like watching this movie now. it's been a while since i last watched taiwanese series!

i wanna know u are more hambao or me! kekekek

EastCoastLife said...

I need to get a box of tissues when I watch such sad drama. :P

We ladies like to torture ourselves. lol

emotionalistic said...

After watching the MV, I really feel like starting the drama marathon :P. Should I or should i not? Haha....

mistipurple said...

very touching the mv.
waaaaaaahhhhh i dunwanna cwwwwyyy

EastCoastLife said...

Too engrossed in the drama? hehe...

Doreen said...

Hahaha, go watch and let me know ya. I think I'm pretty not "hambao" already loh comparing to other gals.

Yeah, we cry like hell yet still wanna watch. What are we thinking? LOL

YOU SHOULD!!!!! Go watch, really worth all the tears one.

Holding the tears is hard leh, just cry it out loud lah. Need tissue? Nah *hand a big tissue box to Misti*

Hahaha, now watching the other one. Comedy but still not as good as Starlit.