Sunday, April 05, 2009

Quick update

I didn't get to have egg tarts the last time I went yum cha couple of weeks ago. My wish granted today! Hahahahhaha

Egg tart, egg tart, I love you.....

Here is what I wore today with my new boots....well actually bought them long time ago but only decided to wear it today. Really love the fluffy faux fur on the top part. And it has got this cute little ribbon on each side too. I love the boots so much that I bought two exact same pairs!! Buy one get one free bah, and I can keep a pair for future right? Now am hunting for something similar but in light brown or beige.

Rick is cooking today.....dinner is ready! Bye!


keeyit said...

Seems cold there already a... Nice and sharp yellow bag le.

emotionalistic said...

I had egg tart this morning for dim sum too :). Wow, Rick can cook huh? What's for dinner?

Josephine said...

I guess u must be having a super big wardrobe. At least u can change ur style according to seasons.
I think if we wear boots in Malaysia, everyone will start staring at the boots like we are aliens...

Petite Lass said...

Whoa! Lucky you. LOL. They looked yummy :)
Nice boot and sweater! So, what did you have for dinner?

mistipurple said...

love the clothes. you have good taste, but of cos, lol.

jezalmy said...

I like the bag and the boot so good, nuy one get one free boot...Why Malaysia don't have one T_T. How is your dinner?

anw4ever99 said...

nice egg tart, and pretty girl walikng down the street.

Doreen said...

Yeah, getting cold liao. South Island snowed today.

He can cook lah. We used to take turn to cook when we were students back then. Dinner was soya sauce chicken, and stir fry bean sprout with shreds of carrots.

Wardrobe is never big enough for us gals. LOL My wardrobe was big few years ago, now very very small. Yep, boots in malaysia means slutty.

Petite Lass:
Had soya sauce chicken, and stir fry bean sprout with carrots. Yum! Somehow I find Rick's cooking a lot yummier than mine. I think I sick of my cooking. Hahahha

Thanks Misti. Me "cin cin cai cai" mix and match one lah.

Malaysia don't have this kind of deal meh? Dinner was good!!!!!

The egg tart is really nice, the girl is so so only, no really that pretty. LOL

oceanskies79 said...

Great to hear that your wish to get the egg tart has been granted. :)

Doreen said...

Yeah, finally! Hehehe