Saturday, March 07, 2009

Road trip 2: Canterbury and Otago region 23-26 Jan 09 – Christchurch

The hotel we stayed

Bridge of Rememberance

Me waiting for my hot donut at Cathedral Square!

Christchurch Cathedral

Inside the Cathedral. Beautiful, isn't it?

We had our Chinese New Year Eve dinner with 3 cousins at a Chinese restaurant. It was really nice catching up with them. After the dinner, we decided to have a stroll at New Brighton beach. I really like the balmy and cool sea breeze this time of the day.

Colourful New Brighton bridge

Love the change of colours

On the 1st day of CNY, I donned on my bright fuchsia dress for a drive before flying back to Wellington.


jezalmy said...

The place is so clean and beatiful, really wish can spent my holiday there....honey you better earn lots of money for my upcoming trip. You look sweet with the dress.

Josephine said...

The hotel looks like Strawberry park hotel in Cameron Highlands.

Tracy said...

You look great with the dress. :)

emotionalistic said...

Oh, I just love the hotel surroundings. Must be very peaceful there, isnt it?

Trinity said...

I love all the pictures, I love all the building.. I want to leave nearby the place! Whoaaaa so niceeee!

Doreen said...

Hahaha, thanks. And I will wait you here, 不見不散.

Quite a few hotels here have this kinda of design. I like it, very Germany.

Thanks Tracy!

Doreen said...

Yes, quiet and peaceful. Good place to refresh the mind.

I'm sure your place has beautiful places too. And hopefully I can visit there one day.

MisSmall said...

Christchurch Cathedral is beautiful! I love old churches! There's something really majestic and romantic about them.

Petite Lass said...

Aw,....what a beautiful place. The hotel somewhat reminds me of the one I saw in Bukit Tinggi hehe. You look striking with that dress!

Doreen said...

Yes agree! Though I'm not a Christian/Catholic, but I love old churches.

Petite Lass:
I think so too. I must visit Bukit Tinggi one day.

oceanskies79 said...

The Cathedral is so beautiful. :)

EastCoastLife said...

Love the bright red electric tram!
It would be lovely to get married in that church!

Doreen said...

Yeah, it is a famous landmarks in Christchurch.

The church is very big, so has to be a big wedding to make full use of it. I would still prefer the small small church at Tekapo. Hehehehe