Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Backdated post: 25/02/2009

I was out there searching for a good skincare range to replace my current ones and came across this brand, Trilogy.

This brand has probably been around for a while but my ignorance only brought me to this wonderful product now. Trilogy is a local new zealand organic skincare range. The ingredients they used in their products are nothing chemical but all natural plant extracts. This is also one of the main reasons behind my interest.

Everytime I want to start with a new range, I would make sure I do enough research before I splash my money. The reviews on this brand are unbelievably pleasing, there has been a big rave about it though the products are not widely available in retail store wordwide.

After reading all the reviews and gathering enough information, I decided to make a trip down to the nearest stockist, and ended up picking 4 products. Clarifying shampoo and conditioner, purifying mask and their star product: Trilogy certified organic rosehip oil.

One thing I like about their products is they are New Zealand made so their prices are affordable comparing to those big brand you find in departmental stores. Almost all their products are within the range of NZ$20-40!

I have yet to use the purifying mask and only one week into the rosehip oil, so it's all too soon to comment. I can only say that the rosehip oil doesn't break me out so far and I like the feel of my skin after putting it on, so we shall see. I shall do a review of both a bit later.

For now, I want to rave about the clarifying shampoo and conditioner. The 250ml bottles cost NZ$25 each. This revitalising range suits all hair types especially fine, oily and combination. It helps remove product or chemical build-up and leaves your hair and scalp feeling fresh, manageable and full of bounce. The shampoo doesn't lather very well, which is expected due to the absence of sodium laureth sulphate foaming agent. So it needs a bit of time to get used to really. But, to my pleasing surprise, it cleanses well and you only need the amount of what you normally required. No more no less. Couple with the conditional, I could feel the result almost instantly. My hair is so soft and well detangled. Amazing how natural ingredients can give me what I always wanted for my hair. I now love touching my hair!

Trilogy haircare also has:

Gentle Moisturising Shampoo - for every use to replenish your hair and scalp
Gentle Moisturising Conditioner - to deeply moisturise dry or damaged hair.
Botanical Moisture Masque - to deeply moisturise dry or damaged hair
Smooth Shine Shampoo - to smooth and control unmanageable hair
Smooth Shine Conditioner - leaves hair silky and sleek


Declan Isaac said...

we've got this here, but very expensive. i think easily 37 dollars. was thinking if u have spare place... in yr luggage.

emotionalistic said...

Too bad Trilogy is not in Malaysia. I've once tried a milk lotion (forgotten the brand) given by mimi's mum who bought it from New Zealand and I really love it. I wonder why not many New Zealand skin care products selling here in M'sia? And it's expensive to buy online!

nic said...

yr complexion looks good woh... y suddenly replace with trilogy?

Doreen said...

Declan Isaac:
Wah! That's very expensive. Yes, got lots of space, tell me what you want and I can get it for you. Their rosehip oil is really good.

Milk lotion? Emm.....got too many varieties here but I haven't tried milk lotion. I also don't know why New Zealand skincare products are not widely available, may be too far to travel. lol

The current ones that I'm using are imported from Malaysia and only available in Asia. Very expensive and definitely a hassle to get. Now their new formula is not doing much good on my skin, just average. So really no point wasting money continuing.

Josephine said...

what was the previous brand?

jezalmy said...

Too bad I can't have a try on this product. Now I just try on skin food product.

Doreen said...

It was Dr Seager (or Dr Secret in Singapore). Their original formula damn good, I was their loyal customer for 3 years then god knows why they change their formula, now average only. Used SKII before too, not good for me.

I heard their BB cream very good. Hope to read about your review on their products.

Declan Isaac said...

hey, then could you get me a mask and the rose hip oil too? the oil here cost 37. if it's cheap, then help me get pls. thanks!

i wonder if it's the same as renew rose hip

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Doreen, looking at your pics, I bet you spend a small fortune on whatever? Ha ha.

My wife too.
I always tease her why must buy all that war paint? She just laughs says, "aiyaaa, you men don't understand".

I say, "just soap water cannot ahhh"? She gives me that kind of look that hints I better go read the papers, ha ha. Lee.

MisSmall said...

Does the shampoo and conditioner help with limpy roots? That's one of my major problems, alongside with really oily scalp and really dry ends. What a combo huh? :(

Doreen said...

Declan Isaac:
Yeah, more or less same as RENEW I think. Sure, will get it for you.

Uncle Lee:
Hahahha, what your wife says is what I always say to Rick. LOL

I'm combination too. I have to wash my hair everyday else very oily the next day. With these shampoo and conditioner, I still need to wash my hair everyday, but the hair ends are not as dry as before.

mistipurple said...

the rose hip sounds interesting.
hope all the products turn out okay.
i can understand. once upon a time i used a french product. it was so good and impossible to find later. so there goes my hollywood complexion. :pppp

EastCoastLife said...

There's a mind-boggling array of cosmetics products in the market. I just use Simple recommended by dermatologists. :)