Saturday, March 14, 2009

Road trip 3: lower to central north island 04-08 Feb 09

Update: Video added

I wasn't looking forward to this trip at all, and this is coming out of someone who is passionate about travelling. All these road trips have pretty much stuffed up my lifestyle. I didn't even have enough time to recharge in between. My skin has deteriorated. Although I did enjoy myself through out the trip, I am definitely glad all are over.


Home of the lost soles. Hahaha nice one!


Hawkes Bay

Arrhhhh the sunny side of the country with wineries all over! Best place for wine tasting. We had a great time at Crabfarm (It's a vineyard, not a crab farm)

Saw this colourful house at Hastings. So cartoon-y


The first in the world to meet the sun and awesome vineyard dining! Apart from that, nothing special.


Lake Taupo was the main highlight for me as it was one of my most coveted destinations in NZ after hearing all the raves. Lake Taupo, size of a Singapore is New Zealand's largest lake located in central north island. The lake is a result of a volcanic eruption thousand years ago. It is now a famous tourist spot in New Zealand.

Lake Taupo behind me

Huka falls

Craters of the moon - an active geothermal field


nic said...

chubby face on the 5th pic! haha... my skin is also deteriorating! got pimple coming out and it's giving me a bad mood.. grrr...

jezalmy said...

did you hang your shoe on the castlepoint...the grapes look fresh

Doreen said...

Hahaha, yes chubby face it is! Bad moon = even more pimples!! So, have to calm down. Hehehe

Nope, I love my shoes too much to hang them there. lol

emotionalistic said...

I like the video and the song. You are such a gentle looking gal ;).

EastCoastLife said...

NZ is truly a scenic country! You should go out on trips more often and bring us more beautiful photos and stories. I love to read your posts these days. :)

oceanskies79 said...

Beautiful country. :)

cbenc12 said...

de food looks so good! and the grape look so fake! great pictures!

Towards healthy and leisure life~! said...

It's nice over there... but remember to take enough rest to recharge...

MisSmall said...

As usual, beautiful pictures! I'm most definitely gonna use your blog as my travel guide when I visit NZ next. Hehe.

And you have such a gorgeous smile, darl. :)

EastCoastLife said...

Have you tried picking grapes at a vineyard? I wonder if tourists will get a chance to do that. :)

mistipurple said...

love your dress, and you look great, as usual! nice song. listening to it a few times. :)

jam said...

Lake Taupo was my recent writing subject in my another blog. Would love to be there in the near future.

Doreen said...

Look can be deceiving. I'm very tomboy sometimes. LOL

I wish I could but no $$ how to keep travelling around? Both my wallet and bank account all badly burnt already :(

Yes, I concur.

Hehehe, the grapes are REAL!

Towards healthy and leisure life~!:
Wah, your nick so long! Hehehe. Yes, now not going anywhere, taking my time to recharge. I think I've taken too much time now a bit bored already. Hehehe

Haha Thanks. If you do pop by Wellington, I'm more than happy to be your tour guide!

Nope, I have never tried it before, and don't think got such thing for tourists. There are however a lot of pick-your-own orchard, damn cheap!

Thanks. That dress is going to be put on sale soon. It actually doesn't fit me very well. Got it as the buy 1 get 1 free deal. Since it was free, so I simply picked something to go with my purchase. That's one of my old time favourite songs!

I had a dig around your blog, yeah found it and also the one on Queenstown. May be make NZ your next destination? (^_^)

keeyit said...

Gosh.. the waterfall so nice le... just like those 仙境.

Petite Lass said...

Whoa! You have been travelling to heaven-like places so definitely worth it. Believe your skin will soon get back to its usual glow! I wouldn't mind to travel abit more. Wish I could drop everything now and go for a vacation!Hehe. Can't wait to go to Taiwan end of April (my first official vacation after months) ;)