Monday, June 15, 2009

My take on Perth

Perth as I see it, is a nice sunny place. Through out my stay, the weather had always been good and beautiful sunset everyday! Life there is relaxing, more so than in New Zealand if I must compare. The shopping malls, supermarkets and shops are closed on Sunday. Supermarkets close at 5pm on weekdays and Saturday! What a good life they're having!

This trip is mainly to spend quality time with my family, so I didn't get out much. More than half of the times I stayed at home with my parents. It was more like a quiet and lazy vacation. LOL And, I got to enjoy mum's cooking! I had bak chang, Sarawak laksa, curry, fried rice cake, braised soya pork etc etc (^_^). Nothing in the world beats the taste of home.

It was great to see my nephew again. He is growing up real fast, very active, talkative, funny, smart(good genes!)and love to eat. *lol* Declan is very sociable. You ask him to sing, he sings for you out loud. Try bombarding him with questions, he would answer all of them till you sick of it. He will greet you "Good Morning" when he wakes up in the morning. I love kid like this, bold, friendly and well-mannered. If I have a kid like Declan, I will be all over the moon! Oh I miss him.....I miss how he calls me...小姑姑~~ *melt~~~~~*


emotionalistic said...

I love cheerful and friendly kids too. They are very fun to be around with. You can train your future kids to be one of them :).

Btw, is that abalone? And the curry looks so yummy. *Drools*

keeyit said...

Yeah, it's good to have kids. So, when is ur turn to get one ar? Hehe...

oceanskies79 said...

I have found out for myself when I was last in Australia, that it doesn't quite matter when I go, it is the time with loved ones and good friends that is more precious than lots of sight-seeing.

jezalmy said...

My sis kids will asked all those stupid question until i lazy to border them but they are cute. They will make all types of funny face in fornt of me when they now i get angry with them...nowadays kids are super smart

Josephine said...

In love kids!

Doreen said...

That is not abalone. It is a fried rice cake. :)

My turn ar.....have to see when I will be given one loh. Hehehehe

Totally agree with you. When you're with your love ones, nothing else matters.

Yeah, this new generation is really smart. I don't remember I was that smart. May be has something to do with their milk formula or something?

When are you planning to have yours? Hehehehe

Alicia said...

quick quick get one Doreen junior... my baby can have one more friend....