Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Perth: Farm day out

First day back to work after 10 days of holiday. I thought it would be real hard to get my lazy butt of my bed, but I woke up unbelievably full of energy. Hmm.....this is strange. It was good to be back though I am still wallowing in my time in Perth.

Anyway, there is more to share about my trip.

It was another sunny Saturday (as always!). My bro decided to take us to the orchards and do some fruit picking. The highlight for me was to finally see my favourite local fruit - persimmon trees! I still remember when I was young, I could only lay my hands on dehydrated persimmon, fresh ones were never in sight. The very first bite of the fresh persimmon when I first arrived in New Zealand took my breath (and heart) away.

20090606_Perth 001

20090606_Perth 005

20090606_Perth 008

20090606_Perth 010

20090606_Perth 013

20090606_Perth 014

20090606_Perth 019

20090606_Perth 021

After a fun fruit picking session, we dropped by the rose garden for lunch.
20090606_Perth 047

The famous rose milkshake. Expensive (AUD6!!!) but real nice!

Our simple lunch

Later, we had a big feast at a Chinese restaurant (can't remember the name), on dad! Hehehehehe
Hot and sour soup

Sizzling tofu

Whole roasted duck (The main reason we go there)

Nyonya curry chicken and stir fry mixed vege


emotionalistic said...

I've never been for a fruit picking. How does it work? You get to pick any fruits you want and pay for it later?

And WOW! The rose milkshake. So pretty :). Is it nice?

keeyit said...

Wah.. so lovely family day...

EastCoastLife said...

An orchard of Persimmons! I saw a persimmon tree in Korea but it was quite tall.

Whole family together for a meal. Pretty rare for you eh? :)

jezalmy said...

I wish I can at the fruits farm now picking up the fresh persimmon. The only farm I been is the strawberry farm. Gosh, I want tar bao the persimmon can?

Josephine said...

what a nice trip...
nice food, nice photos... and of cos the Doreen inside those photos also nice...

Winn said...

i want chinese...food!!!!!!!!!!! FOOD!

perth looks very much like NZ ? except..hmm. NZ is greener..

It is me loh said...

Did you try out the supper at Northbridge??? nice also....

I pluck kiwi fruit when i was there. the expression like you also lah.. sakai never see the tree and the fruit in real... suagu ahhahaha

Doreen said...

They give you a bucket and you can just go pick whatever fruits that are available for picking. You just pay for whatever weight you picked. You can eat free in the orchard though.

Yes, the milkshake is really nice.

It was a great day. We all had a good time.

Yeah, only get to spend time with them once a year for like a few weeks only. Wish they all live in NZ.

Doreen said...

haha, you want tar bao ar? I post some over lah. lol

Haha, thanks. It was a nice trip indeed.

Perth and NZ more or less the same lah, just like Singapore and Malaysia I think. Yes, NZ definitely greener and colder.

Doreen said...

It is me loh:
No wor, didn't go to Northbridge at all. Hahaha, we were both sakai!!

oceanskies79 said...

I love the colours of the leaves!

Towards healthy and leisure life~! said...

Wow, that's really nice!

Arrowouiz said...

Fresh Apple !!! Oh ... I really wish that I will go to the orchard one day too !! Hmm..The rose milkshake soooo expensive ~~ But i think you are worth !!

EastCoastLife said...

They can visit you in NZ next. :)

It's so wonderful to live and work in such beautiful surroundings either in Australia or NZ.

Petite Lass said...

Aw,.....how lovely!

MisSmall said...

The Chinese food in Perth, as I remember it, sucks. But I'm drooling over the Nyonya curry chicken and stir fried vegies in your picture. *Slurps*

Persimmon is one of my favourite fruits too. Though I like it rock hard, which everyone else finds it weird. :P

Declan Isaac said...

The Chinese food in Perth, as you remember it, sucks - if u dine @ wrong place.

MisSmall said...

Declan Isaac: I recommend knowing before speaking.

Declan Isaac said...

Ms Small
I know. i am living in Perth .
Thats why i say, if dine at wrong place, the food sucks. not targeting at you though. It's facts. I've tasted awful food. And i've tasted heavenly ones too.

Declan Isaac said...

Oh, having said that, if you are comparing with Melbourne, then there is nothing to compare, cos i think i Melbourne has far better food.

Anonymous said...

Nice day! It's May 14 and persimmon harvest season. I'm taking my parents to the farm this afternoon. Hope they have a great day like yours!

I live in Perth and can vouch for the great food at most Chinese restaurants, although some can serve quite horrible food.

Doreen said...

Hey! And it was 2 years ago! I'm sure your parents will have a great time