Monday, June 01, 2009

Perth: Family dinner at Nicholson's

After a long 7 hours flight across the 'ditch', I finally reunited with my family again. This time though, I am travelling alone. Things would be perfect if Rick is here.......I miss him.......

Anyway, we had our family dinner at Nicholson's yesterday.........

Mummy and I

Dad, mum, Declan (my nephew) and I

Posing with Declan's signature pose

My bro and his family


Wicked chicken

Seafood plate

Seafood combo


jezalmy said...

What a happy dinner, too bad ur hubby not join

Josephine said...

The portion of the food are kinda big...

emotionalistic said...

You inherited the lovely smile from your mom :).

Doreen said...

jezalmy:Yeah :(

Josephine:They are BIG!!!! That's why we only ordered 4 dishes for 5 ppl.

Doreen said...

emotionalistic:Haha, thanks. I didn't realise till you mentioned it actually.

mistipurple said...

nice when the family gets together!
and the food.. needless to say, would love a bite of everything on that platter!

kyh said...

u look like ur mum! :)

Petite Lass said...

Your nephew is sooooo cuuuuutttee and rather handsome! :D

keeyit said...

You and your mama look alike nia~

Happy Family~

Arrowouiz said...

How nice is the delicacy ? I am staving ~

oceanskies79 said...

Lovely. Time with loved ones is simply lovely. :)

EastCoastLife said...

How lovely to be united as a family again! Poor Rick! Why you left him behind?

Declan is looking more handsome. :)

Doreen said...

Yes, when family gets together, crappy food also tastes heavenly.

Actually, I look like my mum when I have make-up on, without make-up, I look like my dad. :)

Petite Lass:
This I agree! He is a real handsome boy.

Only with my make-up on, I look like her lah. Hahaha

The food is not bad, but a bit oily as you can see. It is a very popular restaurant though.

Yes, indeed. Spending quality time with family is a bliss.

Rick no more leave left. So has to stay behind :( Declan is taller now, and loves to be photographed. Another potential model I see. Hahahaha