Saturday, June 06, 2009

Perth: The tour around

Time flies. It's been more than a week in Perth already. This trip is mainly to spend quality time with my family. I didn't go out much, but did have a walk around some famous spots.

We visited King's park last Sunday. A nice picnic spot overlooking beautiful Perth city. Perth has beautiful sunset almost everyday. Weather here has been superb.

King's Park with my pretty mum

Memorial at King's park

Perth at dusk by the Swan river (a bit like Hong Kong, don't you think?)

The following Monday, we had a quick dropped by Freemantle, famous for it's fish & chips. We didn't have any, not quite a fan of fish & chips.

Thursday, parents and I decided to have some adventures around Perth ourshelves. We hopped on the train to Perth CBD. The two famous departmental stores, Myer and David Jones were having their big stoke take sales of the year. Gosh, you have no idea how long we were there, rummaging through the racks and running between fitting rooms. Sad to report, I came out empty handed :(
London Court


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emotionalistic said...

Your mom is very stylish, just like the daughter :). So how long will you be staying in Perth?

mistipurple said...

cool mom, cool daughter!
great time spent with the family, treasured moments! :)

Petite Lass said...

Why came out empty-handed? Nothing suited you? Seems like you really had a great time there. Excellent! Your nephew is really cute! He posed in the photo! :D

jezalmy said...

Doreen your mum look very young and stylish...thumb up... how is the Perth trip? Me might be going there end of this year together with Brian family for holidays. All still planning

Doreen said...

Hehehehe thanks! I just came back from Perth today.

Hahaha, mum cooler than daughter I think.

Petite Lass:
Nothing really tickle my fancy, I guess I was being fussy. Hehehehe

My mum will be very happy reading your comment. Hehehehe. Perth was great, superb weather and most importantly being together with my family, priceless! You planning to go there end of the year? Mind you, as I've told, Perth is extremely hot in their summer, even my parents who live in Malaysia can't stand it. So do prepare :)

It is me loh said...

I miss Fremantle where I went every weekend during my uni there, the nearest and the prettiest place i like to hang around. OH... i miss it..

yeah.. dun play play with the summer in Perth, it is killing...

Winn said...

doreeeeeen u have very good fashion sense!! i love how u wore ur yellow leggings!

MisSmall said...

I miss Kings Park and FreeO. Please tell me that you love fish and chips in FreeO too. :D And you're right, the sunset from Kings Park is absolutely breathtaking!

Doreen said...

It is me loh:
Wah, Fremantle every weekend? You were really keen leh. lol

Haha, thanks. Rick said I look like I just had my legs dipped into a pool of highlighter. LOL

Sorry dearie, fish and chips are just too oily for my liking. I wouldn't mind have it once in a while though :)