Wednesday, July 01, 2009

No more waiting!!


In fact, I kinda hate them!

I think people like that are selfish and inconsiderate. All they think about is themselves, no one but themselves! Bloody selfish!

This is not the first time, but 12383759 times (okay it means countless time!). I think I am generous enough in this already. I don’t get pissed at people for the first few times or when they have some unforeseen emergency but 12383759 times? Come on, this is real bad time management already and at the expense of others. I just cannot tolerate people like this!

Some people, when invited to come along just can never make it on time, and worst is they don’t let people know, not until you call/text them. Tell me la, would you (addressing those people here) get pissed if people treat you like that? What do you think we are? Someone who is so free to sit around and wait for you while you’re enjoying you life somewhere else is it? WE ARE NOT BACKUP!! We too have a life to enjoy if you have not already known but we are too nice to waste our time waiting!

If you can’t make it, then don’t accept the invite. If you are going to be late (I’m talking about more than hour late), then tell. This is called common sense for goodness sake!

I am done being nice to these people already. Just stay away from me, far far away. We, do not belong to the same circle!


emotionalistic said...

Yes. I hate people being late too and have tolerate so much with that even until today. Sometimes, I purposely go a little late, but end up they are even later than me. You should make it a point to them that you mean it so they get it!

Anyway, go get an ice-cream to cool down :).

Josephine said...

I like to be punctual

Winn said...

one of my gfs make us wait everytime...but it's her she's been like that ever since. so we let her be..

jezalmy said...

Can I descript myself a bad temper person...I will start to make noise when people late even Brian I also cannot tolerate. I will keep calling and when up to my limit I will throw the phone on the table or spank the table loud loud to reduce my dissatisfaction...haha

Doreen said...

I think telling them also waste my time only. I don't bother anymore and I have started keeping a distance away.

I like punctual person => I like you already! Hehehe

If she is a friend that worth the wait, no harm lah.

Wah~~~~I'm sure Brian hardly late. Hehehehe. When people late, I will show my charcoal face! LOL

Petite Lass said...

This is the first time I sense such anger in your post. Hehe, yeah I do agree that punctuality is very important and it's a respect to others. I hate being late. I feel embarassed if I am late.

keeyit said...

I am not sure you are talking about working related or your own friends?

If my own friends, I will straight tell them my feels and ask them not do that...

If my work related colleagues, customers or vendors, sigh... I HATE their time management too and always make the project delay and I got to work LATE!

mistipurple said...

stay away is the best. not worth the aggravation. huggies. :)
and ask pigi to bite them. :P

Shingo T said...

Being late is wasting everyone else's time. And it doesn't make sense for punctual people to be penalised.

I used to be punctual, until a woman I love came into my life. =X

Doreen said...

Petite Lass:
Yes, I have been pushed to the limit. Enough is enough, so I finally exploded and there is no return.

It's personal. My colleagues are all very professional and hardly late. They're just not worth my time telling them how I feel, coz' I no longer care about this kind of friendship and am willing to let it go.

Hahaha, pigi doesn't even want to see them let alone bite them. Not worth pigi's energy. He rather sleeps. lol

Shingo T:
Oh? I'm sure you're punctual to that woman you love! Hahaha

Alicia said...

siau jie... "mm hou gam lou hei".. if me.. no more invitation in future... if close friend, i definitely scold them gao gao...

Send you a big glass of *watermelon juice* ~~~~ cool down...

Doreen said...

Not angry anymore loh, not worth killing my cells for them. And yeah, no more invitation in the future.

Thanks for your watermelon juice leh, how do you know that's my favourite? Hehehe. Now very happy liao. *enjoying the watermelon juice*

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Doreen, glad I found you again, at Misti's place. Got no link, lost you some many months.
You sure came out with the right posting.
I too dislike people who are habitually late and with their Ah Por excuses.

When I was the boss old days, I warned my staff, anyone come to work late twice, 3rd time bring your resignation letter. I will not except any excuses, and anyone giving me a "traffic jam" excuse, don't come to work.
I don't take prisoners!

We have a lady friend here. She already missed the ferry, now 52. Reason? She is very pretty, nice figure...BUT? She will make everyone wait. At parties, on dates etc. And her excuses? Can fill 3 books!

Today, hardly anyone invites her for parties, and men, after 2 dates give excuse they transfered to Argentina, ha ha.

Have a nice day Doreen, keep looking real good, *wink*. Lee.

^^TeReNcE^^ said...

cool down... angry will act wrinkles de lor.. cheer up!! :P

Doreen said...

Uncle Lee:
Long time no see! Thanks for dropping by. In case you were wondering why there is no sight of me at your place, it is because my pc has problem loading some of the sites including yours. Not sure why, technologies huh! However, I could still read your post through my newsfeed but not able to comment.

Not angry anymore lah, already cool down loh. Don't want to get wrinkles because of some people.

EastCoastLife said...

I'm always early for appointments, I'm not happy when people 'fly my aeroplane' or turn up very late. I usually wait for only 15 minutes before I go off. :P

Doreen said...

15 mins sounds very reasonable. Shouldn't waste anymore time waiting. I now feel so stupid waiting for them at least 1++ hours, and it is not just one time but almost all the time!