Thursday, August 27, 2009

Boy or gal?

A common question that people ask when they see a pregnant lady friend.

People here (NZ) are more into keeping the gender as a surprise on the delivery day. They normally choose not to find out. Nothing superstitious, just the culture (as I was told). Some, the parents would just keep the gender to themselves only, and leaving it as a surprise to their family and friends.

I seriously can't wait that long for a surprise. We wanted to know sooner rather than later to aid our planning.

Some people have guessed that I am carrying a gal, and of course some guessed boy based on those old wives theories. From what I know.....

If you're carrying a gal
- you like sweet and sour stuff
- Your bump looks rounder and wider
- Your overall body is fuller and plump
- You look radiant and glowing
- You like dressing up and making yourself pretty pretty

If you're carrying a boy
- you like salty stuff
- Your bump looks more pointy at the centre
- Your overall body is slimmer
- Your nose widen
- You have pigmentation/brown spots on your skin (especially face and neck)

True or not, I don't know. But I really don't think they're all 100% accurate based on what I am carrying. Hehehehe.

My symptons:
- I like sweet and sour stuff
- I still like dressing up and making myself pretty
- I think my bump looks more pointy than round?
- Not sure if my nose has widen though (I don't think so)
- I don't have pigmentation spots but do get more pimples nowadays
- I don't think I look any radiant or am glowing, I still look the same.
- As for my body shape, well you can sort of tell from the photos I have posted previously?

So, what gender do you think I am carrying? (For those who know, shhhhhh~~~)


jezalmy said...

hard to guess....hmmm i will keep my answer until the day you announce.

emotionalistic said...

I'm still gonna stick to my answer....a GAL :). Correct? Fast fast announce....I'm getting very impatient already :P.

EastCoastLife said...

This is a surprise! I thought you have made up your mind not to have a kid. This is great news!

Boy or girl, doesn't matter.

Eat well, rest and enjoy your prenancy. :)