Monday, August 24, 2009

Winter Queenstown (Part I - 13/08/09)

Just a brief 3-day escape. This is my 2nd Queenstown affair this year, and probably the last travel for me till 2011.

I have fall in love with this place. You know, I have this dream, to own a holiday batch in this place. No need to be fancy, just a tidy little country cottage by the lake surrounded by trees and shrubs that gives a beautiful carmine hues setting during autumn; overlooking the snow topped mountain in the winter, and scent of flowers wafting through the air in spring. How peaceful........

Anyway, this trip started off ugly. Our plane couldn't land in Queenstown due to heavy fog. After circling around for an extra 10 mins, the captain eventually decided to land the plane in Invercagill. Buses were arranged to take us all the way from Invercagill to Queenstown, and we arrived 4 hours later than planned. (>_<)!

See, I was like so happy in the plane....can't wait to touch down.......

In the bus....PISSED! (>_<)!

Then our journey sort of got interrupted with somebody moving house.......and this is how they did it here in NZ. Yes, MOVING HOUSE literally!

After all the waiting, whining and zzzzz on the bus, finally arrived Queenstown. We first checked into our hotel, Rydges, which is a disappointment. The hotel looks old and shabby. The room though neatly decorated, still seems like it need a complete overhaul and it is kinda small. This hotel probably hasn't had any renovation for a very long time! The only positive thing about the room is the view and it's lakefront location. Lucky they offered quite a good, resonably priced cooked breakfast buffet.

The room

The view and our private balcony

Dinner at Skyline restaurant. This time we didn't get the window seats to enjoy the view (-_-)

After dinner, we hung around steamer wharf and the shopping mall. Then, call it a night.

Queenstown mall

Steamer Wharf #1

Steamer Wharf #2

Steamer Wharf #3

Steamer Wharf #4


jezalmy said...

Gosh, I was suprise how they shift the whole house and can't imagine if malaysia do offer such service. Doreen, you still look in good body shape even you envy.

emotionalistic said...

LOL. I cant stop laughing when I see what you mean by "MOVING HOUSE". I'm surprised. I believe your second day there was an enjoyable one?

P/s: I'm loving your pink top!

Petite Lass said...

Hahaha,..what if they didn't "land" the house properly. Kaboom....hehe. Gosh, you still look so gorgeous in the winter wear despite you are expecting to be a mummy! @_@

Alicia said...

Stay in Whistler next time... not bad... but need to walk a bit to the town centre lah........ ahaahah

tuti said...

haha, house moving indeed. a priceless pic, will set many people laughing too, too literal!
and you, princess, is like a barbie doll, even when preggie!
*kissie sweet doll's cheeks*

EastCoastLife said...

How do they lift the whole house up without breaking it?

oceanskies79 said...

Sounds like a lovely get-away.

Wow, I didn't know house can be moved like that! Thanks for posting the photo.

Doreen said...

Not sure how they lift it, never see the whole process only the house on truck on the road. I think only small house can be moved this way.