Tuesday, September 15, 2009

昨日的浪子, 今日的巨星, 明日的傳奇

I am sure people from my generation are familiar with the title - a very talented singer that shot to fame in the late 80s with One Game One Dream.


Rick and I dug out all his albums and been listening to it night and day, at home and in the office! Having to listen to all these classics, I feel like I am reliving my teenage years...again. I was his 100% loyal fans, never missed buying a single album. I collected every single piece of article about him, and splashed my money on his posters, photos, postcards etc etc. I adored his talents, his songs, his full-of-passion voice and of course, his unique doesn't give a damn style. I admired this person very very much.
Till today, I don't find one singer comes close to him. Songs nowadays are just plain ordinary, not much impact if you know what I mean. They don't exude much feeling apart from a nice music composition. Sigh!

I still hope he would make a come back one day, as to me, he is.....one of a kind!


emotionalistic said...

Any song you particularly like to recommend?

keeyit said...

oo.. i listen this i think primary or secondary school nia

jezalmy said...

I only know that his song very related to sad story. Is a waste that the company not appreciate his talent now. Hardly have new songs from him now.

Doreen said...

He has got many nice songs, here are some of my favourites:


Yeah, he came out round about that time.

His songs are indeed mostly quite sad, may be due to his background. He is not very active nowadays, I hardly hear any news about him.

Alicia said...

oh ya i know how sot you are to him during high school time... we even exchange poster, photos, ur bro is the middleman.. hahahahahhah... u think we are too sot during that time or not???ahhaha

Josephine said...

I used to listen to his songs too!

tuti said...

i don't know i'm from which planet now. don't know his songs. sorrrryy. will find out more. he must be good to have you and hubby raving about his works.
*hugs doreen light light, lol*

Petite Lass said...

Ah,...一場游戲一場夢 was a very popular song when I was in primary school. It's an OST for a hit TVB drama. A rather sad drama. My mom loves that song. I listened to it a lot too hehehe. I am not that into sad songs but do agree he'sa very talented singer.

Doreen said...

Hahaha, you still remember. We were really crazy huh but that was the fun then (^_^)

He was very popular then no one would miss his songs.

Tuti of course from Planet Tuti lah. I don't think his songs had ever made it to your planet. Hahahhaa

Petite Lass:
Yeah, most of his songs are quite sad and his style of singing makes them even more sad.

EastCoastLife said...

I love his songs. I have almost every one of his album. :)