Friday, September 11, 2009

All in 1st trimester

So how did I find out?

Well, just like any other ladies I guess. "It" was late, and normally I couldn't care less coz' my menstruation cycle has always been irregular anyway. There were times I missed it by 2 months! So this time, like any other times, I ignored. It was the sore breast that alarmed me. My breats normally become sore and tender a week before my period, but this time, they were sored for 3 weeks and yet still no sight of my 'auntie' coming. I also noticed the increase in size *grin*

So one very early Saturday morning, I fished out the spare pregnancy test kit that I bought very long time ago, read the instruction and off I went. 5 minutes.....the result was out....POSITIVE. I went back up to the room, told hubby, chit chat a little while, then we both went back to sleep. LOL.

Later, found out the test kit has long expired. Bummer! Went out to buy another one, ran the test......POSITIVE!

Booked myself in to see my GP on the following Monday. He told me I was 4 weeks preggie, gave a lecture of what to/not to eat/do. I was then given 3 options in choosing my antenatal care through out my pregnancy:

1. Engaged a doctor in the hospital, but then you may have someone else to deliver your baby if the doctor you engaged is not on shift when you're in labor. FREE
2. Midwife. Get yourself a midwife to provide antenatal care including delivery. You would be refer to a specialist (free of charge) should your pregnancy has complications. FREE
3. Specialist. The gynae look after you through out your pregnancy including baby delivery. Cost is ~$3K for the whole pregnancy term. (0_0)!!

We chose the Midwife option since it is free and my GP doesn't think I need to engage a specialist considering my age.

Since it was still early stage, we kept it all to ourselves until I was in my 8th week. Then I told my parents. I wanted to keep it from everyone apart from family at that stage, but my morning sickness was bloody obvious and really affecting my work so I had to tell my boss and a couple of colleagues whom I work closely with.

As for my morning sickness, well I had the full combo! Nausea, tireness, bloated stomach and vomitting(more like gagging as nothing comes out but gasses). My gagging is really bad, it could happen anytime on each and everyday. I don't feel like eating, but yet have to eat for the sake of alleviating my gags. It was also because of all these morning sickness (I think), I became very emotional, grumpy and impatience. I 'barked' at anyone who stepped on me. LOL

I craved for things that are juicy and sour like fruits/juices. Seafood or anything oily would make me sick. Wuecccck!

There are also many things I cannot eat, and as a Chinese living in this foreign country, there are even more thing I need to turn my head away from.

Based on our Chinese old wives tale and facts, I need to avoid all seafood (except fish),Banana, barley and anything that is considered 'cold' to the body.

Then, according to the 'ang moh'(i.e kiwis) medical advise provided here, there are even more things to avoid:

-Anything that is raw or not fully cooked except vege and fruits e.g. sashimi, raw/half boiled eggs (there gone my beloved Tiramisu!), meat etc
-Anything that is pre-prepared e.g. sandwich, salads etc-Processed food (God knows what is considered not processed nowadays!)
-Sushi unless freshly prepared and eat instantly
-Ham, salami, humus, pâté
-Soft cheese unless it is cooked pipping hot
-Buffet/Chinese smorgasbord/anything that's cooked and kept warm to serve

...and the whole list goes on......

Click to enlarge if you are interested

Basically, anything that is not freshly prepared and cooked pipping hot, I have to avoid. See, so many things cannot eat, I might as well go eat grass lah! What a real torture! (>_<)!

1st trimester was a tough period for me, and at times I felt like I had enough of all these nonsenses and regretting the decision of having baby. The whole pregnancy seemed like an evil act to me! (T___T)


emotionalistic said...

LOL. After you deliver your baby, you'll think everything you did was worthwhile and that you've not done enough and will do better for your next baby :).

P/s: Speaking out of someone else's experience, not mine :P. I love listening to stories about babies :).

oceanskies79 said...

Here's to send you care. Warm wishes.

Petite Lass said...

Hehe, it seems most young, first time mothers have the same thought but as you go on, you will have this invincible bond with your child. My colleague experienced the same last year and she had to took some time off as the morning sickness was really bad. Anyway, Ganbatte!Can't wait to see Doreen's junior. Hehe

Doreen said...

Next baby huh, emm.....not sure at this stage as I've always wanted just one child. Well, we shall see then. (^_^)

Thank you. You're always so kind.

Petite Lass:
I didn't take any time off and was trying my best to hang in there. Anyway, all (sickness) is gone now, and I myself can't wait to meet him too! (^_^) Yes, Ganbatte! (^_^)P

tuti said...

i am so excited for you, and we can't wait to meet him too, doreen!
all the best to the next couple of months as your lovely bump grows! :)

Declan Isaac said...

huh? latte ah. i tot cannot drink kopi? lol!

Alicia said...

ahahah i thought u were going thru a smooth 1st trimester... never expect u were suffering the sickness.. it is killing rite?? hhahahahahah i experience that ya hor.. u lim kopi ar???

Anonymous said...

my wife did use a midwife, but at the end, she needs a c-section, so the doc at the hospital did the c-section for her. however, she was not very happy about the way they stitch her...the scar was quite obvious...and she heard that other friends of her get a really good specialist, and did it very carefully, and no (obvious) she wants a specialist next time...

jezalmy said...

Phew, is not easy to carry on during the pregnancy, so many types of food cannot eat. Is it really will become emotional during pregnant, i so pity to those that barked by you....your hubby kena or not?

Doreen said...

Thanks sweetie tuti!

Declan Isaac:
Only 2nd cup through out my pregnancy, so should be alright? lol

My first trimester is a bumpy ride man! Yeah, I only have 2 cups so far through out my pregnancy lah. Should be ok gua. First cup was homemade extremely diluted with milk one somemore (just to quench my kopi addiction). Hahahaha.

Oh that sounds quite worrying. I hope I have a smooth natural delivery. *fingers crossed*

Yeah, I was quite emotional. I cry and get pissed off easily. My hubby ar...kena a bit lah, but I did apologize and he understands also. This thing really hard to control one bah.

Chen said...

Congrats, Doreen. Just only found out the good news. I have been away from blogsphere for too long. :)

EastCoastLife said...

Having a midwife during pregnancy sounds a good idea. We could have this in Singapore and can save on costs. :P