Monday, September 07, 2009

You've got mail!

So this is what I received in mail today........


My very own photobook - a collection of pictures taken by my dear hubby.

This photobook is done by a Malaysian's company called Photobook at a very reasonable price. The quality is way beyond my expectation it blown me away! Who needs to carry around a heavy photo album nowadays huh!

Photobook are currently having a promotion of 25% off all products and free shipping to some countries. Promotion ends 15 September 2009, so be quick! (By the way, this is not a paid advert)


jezalmy said...

My sis also have a collection on her little monsters, but not sure how much she paid for the photobook. I defenitely will do one for myself soon later once I finish collect my pretty photos.

emotionalistic said...

I ordered one from last time. Smaller than what you have there....they call it the "coffee table book". How many pages is your photoook and how much? Looks quite thick to me :).

Doreen said...

The photo album era has gone I think. Photobook is much more presentable and easy to carry around. Hope you get yours done soon.

Mine is the softcover magazine style, 40 pages, costs RM128. May be next time I try pixart.

Josephine said...

You have a lovely husband leh!
But my husband has a pretty and lovely wife too...

Petite Lass said...

Ah, how romantic of your hubby. The photos' quality seem very impressive =)

Declan Isaac said...

eh i din know u got that too! Everyone seems to have it. BUT.... I have yet to do so. haha maybe i should do one for Declan

Doreen said...

Haha, your husband not only has a pretty and lovely wife, but a smart one too! (^_^)

Petite Lass:
Yeah, the quality is really good for that price I must say.

Declan Isaac:
It is getting really common nowadays, and affordable. I really think you should make one for Declan, for keepsake.

keeyit said...

Your hubby so lovely le..

tuti said...

a wonderful keepsake. it will forever remind you of your hubby's love for you and the beautiful you!

Jys said...

ur hubby so nice!! and wow... the album looks really nice too!!

Declan Isaac said...

yea lor. we downloaded the software, and i am going to choose the photos. I wanted to do another one on travel too. mmm one at a time lah. :p

anw4ever99 said...

u hv took a lot quality n nice photos

Doreen said...

Haha, he is too bored I guess.

True, but I probably would avoid looking at this when I'm all old and wrinkled. Too painful.

He is keen only when he is bored and not too lazy. Hahaha

Declan Isaac:
Oh you going for this company? The download time may take quite long, mine took like 4 hours!!

Thanks! (^_^)