Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Last weekend

On Saturday, I was out and about enjoying the great weather and of course, food is, as always, in the equation.


Lunch at Wagamama


Afternoon tea at The Coffee Club


Then came Sunday, the weather was even better! But I decided to sleep in for a lazy one, cooking the not-so-authenthic Hainanese chicken rice that I had been craving for and having a good afternoon nap.

Sometimes, a quiet day is a bliss!


emotionalistic said...

wagamama serves Vietnamese food?

Petite Lass said...

The interior design reminds me of The Hand Burger place! Deja vu (?) Cool.

Winn said...

*waving to the baby...*

keeyit said...

Lovely desert.. You must eat more lol

Doreen said...

It is more like Japanese fusion.

Petite Lass:
The photos in your blog do show some similarities. Too bad we don't have that here :(

Hahaha *baby waving back*

Emm....yeah, but I should watch my weight as well. Don't want to put on too much later hard to shed. Hahaha

Anonymous said...

good that you enjoy a good afternoon might be hard to do after the baby is out...a friend once advice me "go see movies", which I should have listened...havn't seen a movie after the little monster is out...

Doreen said...

Talking about movies, I haven't been to cinema since I got pregnant due to the swine flu scare. So, I avoid crowded area. Sigh!