Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Birthday dinner for two

We had a combined birthday (mum and I) dinner last Saturday at Thai Country Café, just 5 minutes drive from our house.

I have become so round now, like a walking meatball with a puffer fish face, no, an overweight puffer fish! HAHAHAHAHAHA. So I guess these will be the last batch of my photos until I get back to shape and look pretty pretty again. Not very nice to torture your eyes looking at all these. Hahahahaha

20091121_Thai Country Cafe 001

The two birthday stars!!

20091121_Thai Country Cafe 006

Mum, dad and I

20091121_Thai Country Cafe 008

The green curry was a bit watery, but the deep fried fish is top notch! The rest were above average.

20091121_Thai Country Cafe 003

The meatball with puffer fish face! LOL


Winn said...

u are a gorgeous puffer fish!

jezalmy said...

u look cute, so i can said that u r the cutiest puffer fish. Doreen you also November Birthday gal? Me too but mine fall on this coming Sunday. Haha

Doreen said...

Thanks for being so sweet Winn! (^_^)

Oh you also Nov gal huh. Yours is a day earlier than my mum, mine is tomorrow. Hehehehe

tuti said...

good genes, that's what i can say!
your mom is looking even prettier!
and you're no puffer fish, you!
a pretty fish. waiting to give birth! lol.
wish you well, doreen.
regards to rick and your family.

Anonymous said...

eh teruk lah you.. why you say yourself like that... the most i said myself is like a penguin......... but not much gain ler.. just a bit rounder only.... eh... comel tok!!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Shingo T said...

Your dad looks very cute. Must have been a very humourous guy.

And your mum looks so young. ^_^

sylvia said...

Happy Birthday Doreen !!!!!!

Doreen said...

I can't help thinking about a pregnant fish when I read your comment. LOL

Aiya, true mah. So round like a potato already. Hahahahaha. Thanks for the birthday greeting!

Shingo T:
Haha, he is indeed though he used to be very strict when I was little.

Thanks dear!

c a r c a r said...

wow you have gorgeous mum and dad!!

sorry for such late wishes here... happy belated birthday to you sweetie!~