Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Last day of work

My last time of work today. It is a break that I have longed for. I guess it is time for me to slow down and save some energy for the upcoming big event. LOL Mum and dad arrived in the weekend, helping up around the house and doing cooking for us (^_^)

As I am heading towards the end of my pregnancy, I kind of having this mix feelings. There are some aspect of pregnancy I don’t enjoy and mainly revolve around physical side of things e.g. carrying the heavy bump 24/7, mobility constraint, not being able to squeeze into nice nice sexy clothes, food restriction etc. Sometimes I just can’t wait to deliver, get it over and done with, then I can move on with my life.


Having said that, there are some aspects that I thoroughly enjoy being pregnant – being pampered and looked after that is! And I don’t mean just coming from husband/family, but from strangers as well. Strangers walking pass on the street, strangers you happen to be in the same lift, the SAs in the retail stores etc. I don’t know about people in Malaysia and other countries, but being pregnant, I get like extra gentle treatment here. People would stare at my tummy and give me a nice “Awwww…..” kinda smile, some would ask me about the due date/gender of the baby, they hold the lift/door for me, the SAs would give me freebies etc. I tell you, it feels good, it feels really good. Hehehehe

Anyway, I will be off work for approx 6 months, not sure how I would cope with being a full-time mum and housewife during this period but I will get through. (^_^)


keeyit said...

Ooo.. time passed fast le..

Pregnant is a gift from God. Hehe.. Lucky for you and the baby le...

Everything in our life also got pros and cons..

Hope u deliver a healthy and happy baby ya...

Winn said...

i cant wait to see baby update @ ur blog....

when u disappear for a few weeks ...then come back to the blogging scene again then i'll know, that your precious has arrived ;) enjoy !

emotionalistic said...

Wow...6 months. Tell us how you feel being a mummy! Take care ;).

(( Ms. K )) said...

I bet it be a wonderful experience and a moment to remember always. Can't wait to see beautiful photo's of the baby.

tuti said...

must blog soon after delivery ok? lol! or else how would we know, ya!
enjoy your journey to motherhood, and thereafter you will be so happy to hold a little one that you made! imagine! it's such a miracle. daddy must be all excited too.
continue to take care of your health and good luck, doreen!

jezalmy said...

Wow, rest for six months, how sweet, Malaysia only 2 months and if you want more then tender ur resignation letter...muakakakaka. Do let us see ur cutie baby boy once delivered (i mean you got enough rest first only blog). Can't wait to welcome the new comer

Shingo T said...

The meaning and joy will make you feel it's all worth it. ^_^

Jia you!

Declan Isaac said...

In Singapore , the treatment given to Preggies are totally different from what you experienced. If they can, they will 'siam' the preggies in the train, pretend to be sleeping, pretend they did not see the preggies.

Maybe there are so many pregnant women in Singapore. I remembered that when i was in NZ back in 2004, pregnant, the people who saw me were in awe tat i was pregnant! And they were so so nice to me, even at the custom!

Alicia said...

Malaysia is still ok, but they wont give you a 'wow' look... cos pregnant is just a normal thing, and sooooooooooooooo many pregnant ladies on the road........

u off for 6 months??? walao weh........ why not taking 1 year off?

Petite Lass said...

Happy Delivering! Have a good rest! Can't wait to see the BB =)

kyh said...

6 months rest! enjoy it, with our baby of course! :)

kyh said...

i mean *Your* baby, HAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHA!!! ooppsssss *blush*

oceanskies79 said...

Best wishes, And lots of smiles. :)

^^TeReNcE^^ said...

ganbatte :) my wife gave birth le :)

tuti said...

LOL at kyh!
we can't wait. it's our internet baby in a way too. hehehe.
all the best, doreen and rick!

Doreen said...

Thanks keeyit! Time is ticking very slowly to me now..... (-_-)

I think I probably would disappear for a month or so. Hehehe

We can actually take a maximum of 1 year maternity leave. Am currently planning for 6 months and see how I go. Preferably to go back to work after 6 months.

Doreen said...

((Ms. K)):
I can't wait to see the baby too. Hehehe

Thanks tuti! I will save all my energy for that biggest push of my life! LOL

2 months only? Emm....well that's probably enough since most of the people back home got parents to help around. People here normally deal with it alone, not many can get help from the family.

Doreen said...

Shingo T:
Thanks! Jia you! Jia you!

Declan Isaac:
Oh, that's quite an opposite culture huh. May pregnant lady should all come here to deliver and enjoy being pampered.

1 year off? I think I would go "siao". Hahahahaha. PLUS, we only get paid maternity leave for the first 14 weeks, the rest is unpaid. I need to pay the bill also leh.

Doreen said...

Petite Lass:

Hahahaha. you're really cute kyh!

Thank you!

Congratulations!!!!!!! Saw your baby gal, so cute leh. See her also make me wanna melt away.....

Hahaha, kyh is cute hor. Hope I could share the internet baby photos soon lah.