Monday, January 25, 2010

Lunch at Leuven

So this is what I had been so looking forward to all week. Nothing too exciting, but enough to put a smile on my face!

I also had my first public breast-feeding experience, right in this restaurant! LOL. Well, desperate time calls for desperate measure. Of course, I had this sheer piece of blanket covered over the part. (^_^)









Also picked up this beautiful Clinique blush. Love the packaging!




jezalmy said...

I think I wont dare to try on public breast feeding, I guess.

Declan Isaac said...

Leuven is my all time favorite place! lol.....

Actually public breastfeeding is normal and i think the ang mos wont give much of a damn.

i've seen many without blanket, exposing half of their boobs minus the nipples! hahaha.

alicia said...

hhahahah Doreen... alot of Ibans here do the same thing.. nothing to be shy off... but i dun dare.. hahahahaah eh... you look good leh.. but need to jab jab a bit your hair... since your parent are still there.. sneak out for a day to beautify yourself....

Doreen said...

I suppose this is not a norm in Malaysia. It is actually quite common here as the government encourages breast-feeding.

Declan Isaac:
Haha, I love that place too! Yeah, I suppose I wouldn't mind breast-feeding without blanket but there are some publics find it offensive *roll eyes*

alicia: hair so cacat can die lah! I want to get it permed and coloured but still a bit reluctant to do it. I need to feed Athan every 2-3 hours and I don't want him crying for milk while I'm having my hair done. Still thinking of a way to manage this.

emotionalistic said...

You have natural curl to your hair? Good that you enjoyed yourself and got yourself some girly stuffs. So, new hair for the New Year?

oceanskies79 said...

This looks like a lunch filled with lots of love. Loved ones, love for your dear child, love from your dear husband and loved ones. :)

tuti said...

pretty doreen eating with her equally pretty mom! good genes i say!! :)

kyh said...

I actually read that as 'Lunch at heaven!' HAAHAHA!

believe me, you look more radiant than ever before. Must be the joy of becoming a mummy! :)

Btw, the dish (the one that comes in a pot) that your family member was having looked sooooooooooo filled! How was she gonna finish that? O.O

Doreen said...

Nope, I have natural straight hair. The curls are the result of me tying my hair into a bun. I desperate need a new hair! LOL

Yes, it definitely does!

Hahaha, thanks tuti!

Muahahahaha, I almost "pengsan" when I read that. Oh, that is a 1kg pot of steam mussels. My mum was trying extremely hard to clean it, and she did. Hats off to her! lol