Friday, February 26, 2010

Haul of the month

trilby hat
Trilby style hat

3 off-shoulder tops and 1 dress

Earrings, earrings, earrings

Diorblush-Paradise Glow 919
Diorblush in Paradise Glow (love the name!)

Dior Extase Pinks 814
Dior 5-colour eyeshadow in Extase Pinks

Beige shoes
Bow shoes in beige colour

Ear muff
White colour winter faux fur ear muff

Fur coat
faux fur coat

Fur gloves1
Faux fur fingerless winter gloves (white and dark brown)

Fur gloves2
This is how it looks. Cute right? Hehehehe


Declan Isaac said...

hey doreen
u know what. i bought a pair of shoe - similar to that! but i ordered wrong size, too small... :(

that fur coat - i wanted to buy too... haha . but then i end up buying other items.

Jennifer Yap said...

wah u bought so many things in a month ah? lucky lucky.. ive only bought a pair of shoes for myself on Valentine's Day in a year. Sad eh.

Doreen said...

Declan Isaac:
You did too? Aiya, how come got wrong size? Pity leh. So you selling it online? That fur coat is of high quality, giving that very luxurious look. Hehehehe

Jennifer Yap:
I feel quite bad leh, spending too much money but sometimes just can't help it. It is addictive!

Declan Isaac said...

Errr -i tot my size was US 5, but later did i realised is US6. anyway i dunno what to do with it. i think i will try to sell it away.

as for the furcoat, the reason i din order is cos is nice to see, but cant keep warm? cos faux one ...
also i am worried tat it does not suit me....

Doreen said...

Declan Isaac:
Yeah, sell it lah else quite a waste.

I tried that fur coat on and it is quite warm, but then again, the weather here has been scotching hot lately. I will be able to tell you in 3 months. Hehehehehe. I think the fur coat would suit you. Pairing it with skinny jeans and knee length boots, I think you would look really cool leh.

emotionalistic said...

Just curious, is the earring Christian Dior as well?

And, how much is the Paradise Glow? Might want to get one too :).

Declan Isaac said...

Haha - Doreen - u r sure tempting meh leh! I tot it looks too luxurious for me! i am going to put on my watch list for now. lol!!

Doreen said...

Nope, the earrings are just normal no-brand one. D for Doreen! LOL. The Paradise Glow cost NZ$83.

Declan Isaac:
Haha, yes yes, watch it! I thought the grey colour one is quite nice too.

Jade aka MommaWannabe said...

I love your new shoes, is it comfy?

Doreen said...

The shoes, well I wouldn't say it is extremely comfy, I will give it 6/10 and hoping giving it some time, it would get more comfy.

~ Everest ~ said...

hi DK love the fur coat! where did u get it from??

Doreen said...

~ Everest ~
I got it from Ebay. They've got white, black and grey colours as well. (^_^)

~ Everest ~ said...

The one you got is cream or white? do you have the link to share?? thanks!

Doreen said...

~ Everest ~:
The one I got is cream/beige. Here is the link