Saturday, February 27, 2010

Shit story

Once upon a time (ok, it happened today la but all story starts off like that, more appealing this way mah)

There were these lovely couple decided to bring their little one to go out walk walk in the botanic garden to enjoy the sunshine and hoping to capture some beautiful photos........



Check out my new shoes!

Everything was perfect, they were all happy walking up and down hill laughing along the way. Then, they got a bit tired, so decided to find a bench under the shade to rest and have a breath.

So there they were, chit-chatting happily while the husband holding his son on his laps. It was a picture perfect happy family.


Then, all of a sudden, out of nowhere..........

Shit happen......

There were no sign nor warning....all they could hear was...


It was all too late.......Shit had happenned! The damage was done!


Let's take a closer look aye?


Did you see the yellow shit?

And of course la, after all the cleaning up and changing, they enjoyed the rest of the day eating "liu lian" and still live happily after.

20100227_Durian 004


Happy weekend everyone!


emotionalistic said... cute :P. Wah, liu lian some more. How much it costs there?

tuti said...

hahhaha. same color liu lian. :P
you look very pretty, doreen. and super sexy too, in that outfit!
hubby looks young!! wah baby makes all of you younger!

Jennifer Yap said...

haha.. very funny.. Rick is luckky.. shit is on his shirt and pants. As for Shen, Aaron puttt on Shen's hand while he was trying to put on a clean diaper.

jezalmy said...

Muahahaha, i thought got wear diaper? What a good experience.

Doreen said...

$6 per kg, that one was about $12.

Wah, hahahaha. Should I go make another baby then? LOL

Jennifer Yap:
Seems like the dads are always the lucky ones. Hahahaha

Got! IT leaked out from diaper. Unbelievable!

Jade in Singapore said...

Wahahahha shit happens when you least expect it :) You're funny!

Doreen said...

Hahaha, exactly my thought! Life with the little one is always full of surprises.

Petite Lass said...

Haha, a cute and funny story. *Clap clap*. You seem to lost weight quite fast eh.

Doreen said...

Petite Lass:
Haha, glad you enjoyed it. I still have 4kg to shed actually, but since I'm breastfeeding, don't think I can slim down any further until I stop.

keeyit said...

Haha.. baby ma sure like that de...
But you should got mood bring baby outing le.. i got many friends after having baby will just stay at house.. they dont like to bring baby out because need to bring a lot of things...

Doreen said...

There are indeed many things to bring but I am not letting these affecting my life. I still wanna go out and have fun. It is also good for the baby to get out of the house.

oceanskies79 said...

Looks like memorable....and well, I've learned from you that it's possible to clean up and then let go, and move on to enjoy the rest of the day. Thanks. :)