Monday, March 08, 2010

Eventful weekend

Phew, that was quite a weekend! We had beautiful summer weather (it is now officially autumn by the way) despite the crappy weather forecast.

My weekend started off with a surprise visit from my colleagues! They had brought with them these yummy chocolate cake from one of my favourite cake shop - The Chocolate Cake Company.

20100306_Chocolate Cake

Then, had a catch-up with Shen & Jennifer at the Botanical Garden Cafe. Haven't seen them for 2 years. Finally met their little prince. He is such a cutie and with top notch manner.


Later, attended a friend's baby 1 month confinement celebration. My very first time trying this Indonesian traditional meal called nasi tumpeng. Man, it was extremely yummy. I am still thinking about it today.


Me and my little devil AJ


This is what I wore


The last event of the week was BBQ-ing at my manager's place. It was great catching up with everyone after my 3 months of "holiday". Didn't take any photo though so nothing to share (^_^).


emotionalistic said...

AJ knows how to smile to the camera now. You taught him well :P.

tuti said...

like aj like mummy! so photogenic! must give credit to the photographer daddy hor? lol.

jezalmy said...

Wow, AJ very photogenic le, he look a bit like you Doreen.

Sylvia said...

Little AJ, very cute :-)

Carrie said...

Your little devil is really cute.....

Love your dress too!

EastCoastLife said...

Wish I could visit you to pinch your little Prince's cheeks. hehe....

How long is your maternity leave?

Doreen said...

Haha, actually he is still pretty unpredictable. Sometimes he doesn't smile at all.

Yes, thanks to daddy! (^_^)

Yeah, in fact a lot of people say he looks very much like me. The daddy is not very happy with that though. Haha

Thanks Sylvia. How are you by the way?

Thanks Carrie! (Your name reminds me of Sex and the City!)

Come lah! I'm sure AJ would love to meet you. I'm taking 6 month off, will be back at work mid June, hopefully part-time (need to talk to my manager).

Petite Lass said...

AJ is adorable! So very cute ;) And yeah, mummy is very sweet.