Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Auckland getaway 11/04-13/04 (Part 1)


It was a short getaway, my first time travelling with a 4.5 month old. The trip, well it was kinda rush. There were a few things in our itinerary we didn't manage to do, but nevermind, Auckland is just an hour flight away anyway. We were nervous about AJ's first flight experience, worrying how he would react. Luckily he took it quite well, and slept like a pig on our flight back. LOL

It was also a nostalgic experience for me, having to have lived in Auckland for a year many moons ago.

Anyway, let's cut right into the chest, photos!

Slyvia Park Shopping Mall

20100411_Auckland 002

Brekkie at Chocolate Lounge

20100411_Auckland 003

Love their parents room!

20100411_Auckland 004

Spot me! LOL

One Tree Hill (Though the tree has long gone!)

20100411_Auckland 005

20100411_Auckland 012

20100411_Auckland 007

20100411_Auckland 006

20100411_Auckland 013

In-laws and AJ

Mt Eden

20100411_Auckland 017a

20100411_Auckland 021

20100411_Auckland 030

Buffet dinner at Hot Pot Zone, just a stone throw from our hotel. We ate like no tomorrow. LOL

20100411_Auckland 031

AJ couldn't care less about hot pot, he enjoyed his finger more! LOL

20100411_Auckland 001

The place we stayed

20100412_2 Auckland 008

And the room number is 911!!!


emotionalistic said...

Welcome back, hun! much chocolate for your brekkie...hehe. You know what? You really really look good in pink ;).

keeyit said...

travelling with little one difficult? Don't u need to bring a lot of stuffs of our little one together?

I saw people with kids travel with lots of things.. Futhermore, baby cries really scary one... haha..

Luckily your little one very good hor... pandai...

tuti said...

nice adventure with AJ!
looks like a very nice holiday! good food and extended family all together!
pigi didn't go ah? lol!

Doreen said...

Thanks sweetie. Believei t or not pink was my most hated colour in my teenage years!

You're quite right. Travelling with a kid is quite a hassle. More than half of our luggage filled with his stuff. But when there is a will, there is a way.

Pigi stayed home look after Vell. LOL

EastCoastLife said...

When I brought my baby son for a trip, I had to bring so much of his barang barang. lol
I wish to go through it all over again. :)

Doreen said...

I'm sure it was quite a hassle but thinking back, it was kinda fun huh.