Sunday, June 13, 2010

Getting back

5 months of hard work finally paid off! *grin*

Pre-natal weight: 51 kg
Pregnancy weight: 66 kg
NOW: 51.5 kg



And I am so very pleased with myself. Although strictly speaking, am still 0.5 kg away from my pre-natal weight, I'm just not gonna bother much.


tuti said...

bravo bravo!
how did you do it?
can write a book already!
*stands in line to buy* :D

Declan Isaac said...

wah lau doreen
u r making the world of mothers darn jealous - including me.

though .. i am a size 2 .. but then... i felt i have a dozen kids based on the excess fats!

emotionalistic said...

You're so so slim now. And that's really fast to get back in shape!

MisSmall said...

Wow, I'm SO jealous! And I believe I speak for thousands of other women around.

That is one of my biggest fear! Baby weight, and of course, giving birth! And you did them both, babe, and made them look like a breeze!

Pray do tell your secrets!

*Seething with jealousy*

Declan Isaac said...

Thanks for speaking on behave of other women including myself!
I am super duper exceedingly extremely jealous a thousand times!

sob sob....

(irene : Doreen's bro's wife)

jezalmy said...

so envy,Doreen, you don't even have any strech mark. I having worst stretch mark all over due to carrying twins. Now finding way to reduce the mark. Oh ya, before pregnant I was 53kgs, until 37 weeks I was 66kgs and now my twins 6 days old, wonder what weight I having now as I can't walk much (C-sec). Hope can have good result like you. You really looking great

Petite Lass said...

Whoa!! Congrats, Doreen! You lost more than 10Kg in 5 months! Please share with us your secret ;)

Doreen said...

LOL. You so "kua zhang" one!

Declan Isaac:
Aiya, you so slim already what to jealous? I should be the one being jealous, you have never aged a bit since the first time I met you!

Thanks. 5 months is not fast already my dear, Kelly Chan did it under 3 months!!! (0_0)!!

I was like you, worrying about all these. So don't you worry, I trust you'll be fine and slim when that day comes.

Congrats!!!! I do have stretch marks, they are not at the front, but on both sides though not many. Most of them were covered under my jeans. If you see the photo carefully, they peeped! Time is the best healer.

Petite Lass:
Thanks! Not after all the sweats and tears though. (^_^)

Declan Isaac said...

hahaha - thnkx! but cant be la.
More than 10 years and i've not aged?
Not possible :).

Doreen said...

Declan Isaac:
True leh. I don't see wrinkle on your face. The only obvious change I notice is your dress sense is now more ladylike. Hehehehe

Declan Isaac said...

Hahaa - aiya.
The thing is people here are not so kaypoh abt dresscode, and they dont know me long enough to know abt my history . haha
so ... time for a change.