Friday, June 18, 2010

How I lost it all!

As per requested!

Many friends amazed how I did it in such a short timeframe. Well, actually 5 months to me is not short, Kelly Chan did it in just under 3 months! I would really love to know her secrets.

Anyway, since you asked, I thought I would share with you my journey and may be (just may be) this can help some of the ladies out there. Just be reminded that I am not an expert, what works for me may not work for others, so please be gentle ya.

Like many ladies out there, I had great fear of being pregnant and having kids, mainly because of the labour pain and becoming fat sagging mama (Ok la, that aside, I wasn’t a kid/baby lover). The last thing I want was to have extra bits and pieces hanging here and there and people asking me when I am due every time they see me. This kind of souvenir is unwelcome, no thank you very much!

My goal was not just to shed those kilos, but also to gain back my toned body, especially the stomach. Those flabby bits can be very depressing.

I want to stress that, the most easy and efficient way to slim down is to BREASTFEED. I breastfed since day 1 and still counting.....Mothers burn a lot of calories (how much I don't know la) while breastfeeding. It is true. Every time I breastfeed, I feel hot and thirsty. In addition to that, breastfeed is an excellent way to bond with your baby and most importantly it is good for your baby (you know, all the nutrition and antibodies that formula can't replaced). And, it is FREE! LOL

Of course, in my humble opinion, breastfeeding alone is not enough to strike the goal post, here are what I did.....

1. Pick a role model. This is very important to keep me motivated. It's like the old saying: "Your mind is the most powerful medicine"

2. 1st month – take it easy and strictly no exercise to allow your body to recover. Eat frequent but small meals rather than 3 big serving meals a day during the confinement period (note: healthy food only please!). I had 6 meals a day but in small/moderate portion. Breastfeeding was the only exercise I did. LOL

3. 2nd month - 30 mins slow walk once every two day. Good time to take your baby out for some fresh air too!

4. 3rd month - Yoga (I did pregnancy yoga coz’ it is gentle) everyday, then started gentle aerobics later in the month.

5. 4th and 5th month – aerobics and yoga everyday, alternately.

Oh, one more tips. To avoid the wobbly flabby tummy, tie your waist with those slimming waist belt thingy (not those vibrating one, just one piece cloth belt) after your delivery for at least 4 weeks.

I didn’t spend a penny at all, all I did was fish out those pregnancy yoga/aerobics DVDs I bought before I got pregnant and went all crazy! LOL

So there, doesn't seem that hard right? No, it is not hard but determination gets you there. I have now stopped all these intensive training and back to my pre-natal lifestyle but still breastfeeding.

Now,the biggest challenge of all is if I could maintain it for long.


emotionalistic said...

Thanks for the tips! I'll keep these in mind for future use....hehe. And 5 months is really fast lor cause for most mothers I know, they took > 1 year.

tuti said...

hmmm.. i can't just press milk outta the breast and feed any baby right? hahaha.
thanks for the other tips of course!

Doreen said...

Oh, may be 1 year without any working out? I can't wait that long. Hehehehe

Doreen said...

Muahahahaha. You comment made me burst out laughing. Lucky I finished my kopi already. LOL

keeyit said...

you are very discipline..
yes yoga can slim

jezalmy said...

Breastfeeding, me cannot let them direct latch (no time for rest), all I did is to pump out the milk manually and keep for the twins. I wonder I can wear those slimming waist or not as I was c-sec (MIL already bought for me). Thinking of start to wear now. Yogo is good, before that I got went for Yoga class, really relaxing. As for my confinement, I only have 2 meals a day, which is lunch and dinner. Usually I only take protein in the morning and night before I sleep.

Doreen said...

I vowed to get my figure back so had to bey very discipline. Hehehe

Yeah, it's quite tiring breastfeeding. I don't have pump. I hardly had any sleeps through out the 1st 2 months. When you babies are bigger and you're feeling better, may be can try latching them on? It is good for bonding. I really love breastfeeding AJ while watching him.

Emmm.....may be not quite a good idea for you to wear those slimming belt that early. Probably wait till after your confinement.

Declan Isaac said...

somehow breastfeeding aint the best way to slim down. it's bullsht la.
when u bf, u get hungry, so if u get hungry, u eat more.
Unless u wanna baby to drink skim, low fat milk :p.

also, i've got frens who bf for 2 years and still so fat. haaa.

while to them i looked like i had been doing it for 5yrs

Doreen said...

Declan Isaac:
Emm...may be individual result differs. It works really well for me. I didn't get extra hungry, but I did keep my intake a little bit more to cater for the milk. I guess it is just like exercise right? The more you exercise, the more you eat but ppl do slim down by exercising. Then again, breastfeed alone won't slim you down. If ppl think by seating there being a milk machine can slim down like magic, then it is a real bullshit.

Declan Isaac said...

yea spot on.
breastfeeding alone wont slim us down really. I din breastfeed like a cow, but i did go to the gym like a crazy cow... hahahaha