Saturday, July 03, 2010

AJ @ 5 months

20100426_3 Queenstown 015

20100516_Athan 005

20100516_Athan 009

20100516_Athan 013


emotionalistic said...

AJ is such a happy kid, enough to brighten up your days ;).

tuti said...

sooooooo cuteeeeee!!!!!!
rick and you must be so happy each day playing with him!!

Doreen said...

He is an angel by day, devil by night! Hahahaha.

I think this period is the funniest time. He does lots of tricks that really fill our days with laughters!.

Declan Isaac said...

What a happy , cute, funny boy! More to come.

Doreen said...

Declan Isaac:
He hasn't been smiling much lately due to his viral infection. Really hope to see his smile soon.

爱上熟女部落 said...

is Q...