Tuesday, July 06, 2010

The whole family is sick

Things have not been good recently. Since the beginning of the month of June, AJ, Rick and I have been sick, one after another. Just when we thought we were on the road to recovery, it hit again and we are back to square one. It is like a curse going round and round like a circle. I am still waiting for that "stop" sign. Sigh!

I have been coughing for weeks, and few days ago sore throat came knock on my door. Then last night, the eyes infection came waving at me. Both eyes!! Went to see a doc early this morning and was prescribed an anti biotic eye drops. Was told it is contagious so didn't go to work today. This also means I have to isolate myself from AJ. Great, now I can't even hold my little one!

It is tiring, exhausting and frustrating. Sigh, it's been a month, when is this saga going to end?


emotionalistic said...

Is it the weather or something? Get well soon!

Jennifer Yap said...

Try to stay indoor as much as possible during these cold weather... keep the room temp atleast 20 degree. Hope you all get well soon

keeyit said...

You baby very cute.. super handsome..

u must take care.. drink more water... if you cough, no chicken le..

tuti said...

keep the vitamins up.
you will be well soon, don't worry.

tuti said...

hope you're all okay and sunshiny now!

oceanskies79 said...

Hi Doreen, here's wishing you and your family good health. May all of you be feeling better when you read this.

tuti said...

why no sound no picture?
i ask piggie dance some more ya? :P
(hope you and the family are feeling ok)