Sunday, August 15, 2010

Auckland countdown T-27 days - Goodbye Vell

We gave Vell away today…to good home who we believe can give her a better life. It was hard to let her go. We can’t take her with us as we will be staying in a tiny apartment. There would not be enough space for her to run around.

9 Years! I got her when she was 3 months old and now I have let her go.

The new family has two teenagers, big section for Vell’s exercise and has had experience with dogs. They will treat her well. They will treat her right. She will be happy.

It hurts seeing the empty dog house still standing tall. It hurts seeing her dog bowl lying around. It just hurts…right in the heart.





Goodbye Vell. Thank you for everything you have given me. I will always remember the time we had. You're the best! Be good gal. Treat your new owners right and protect them. You will always be missed.

We wish you well.


c a r c a r said...

thou im not a dog lover, but somehow i felt your 'pain' in giving away Vell...

yup 9 yrs... wat a long time spent together...

vell will be well :)

tuti said...

that's so so sad.
but i understand.
you have to do it. hope vell adjusts well. and hope she'll be happy too.

emotionalistic said...

It hurts just by reading this too....

Btw, I didn't know you have a dog though...

jezalmy said...

Is really hard to give aways a good friend like dog or cat, but I'm sure Vell will gonna miss you all for rest of her life. Hope she will happy forever with her new owner