Saturday, August 14, 2010

What a day!

Yesterday was one hell of a day! Coupled with a BIG FRIGHT!

We were at the hospitals for 7.5 hours!!!!

AJ was not well, he was coughing badly, having fever, vomiting and showed no interest in food and everything at all. He was not his usual happy chappy self.

So we took him to the hospital clinic nearby. I suspected he caught another nasty viral infection. BUT....the doctor reckoned he might have had a chest infection and organised to get him x-rayed. The x-ray result came out, showing no sign of chest infection but she was very concern of the big air-filled space between the diaphragm and the bowel. It looked like a big balloon from the x-ray, so big that the doctor thought it is very unusual. Then, they arranged an ambulance to take AJ (and myself) to Wellington hospital for a detailed check-up. We were booked to see a paediatrician and a surgeon. Surgeon!!! It must be dead serious!!!! Then I was told that AJ might have either a twisted bowel or a blockage. The solution for both is to undergo surgery. You have no idea how I felt right at that moment. My heart sank. I was bracing myself for the worst.

So after a ride in the ambulance, we arrived into Wellington hospital, got assigned to a room at the emergency department. A nurse came to see us, checking AJ's temperature, monitoring his heart rate and oxygen level. Then all we did was wait, wait and wait. Finally it was our turn to report to the x-ray department. Then wait again for the surgeon and paediatrician to come and see us. Believe me, that was the longest and most painful wait I have ever had. It is 100 times miserable than waiting for my academic results.

The surgeon heart was pounding. "AJ IS CLEAR!!!!" What a great relief!!!!!!! There is nothing wrong with his bowel. The air balloon likely to be the air he swallowed in since he was crying all day. (sh*t man, this is not funny, it scared the hell out of me can?). Next the paediatrician confirmed that AJ hasn't got chest infection but viral infection.

PHEW!!!!!!! What can I say? This is the best outcome I could hope for and I am very thankful for that. The 7.5 hours of waiting and sweating, well worth it!


tuti said...

super scary shit!!!!!
thank God AJ's fine.
i can imagine your anxiety. and also Rick's!

(( Ms. K )) said...

I am glad your cutie pie is ok and hope he get better soon =)

Petite Lass said...

Glad that little AJ is all right. Get well soon, AJ :D

emotionalistic said...

You did a great job as a mum! Give yourself a pat on the back =). It's good to hear AJ is fine. Get well soon, AJ ;).

Doreen said...

Thank you all. AJ is doing better now.