Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Auckland countdown T-31 days

Our house will be put on market next week, so been busy to get it all tidy-up. Hopefully the house can fish a new owner soon.

I took a day off yesterday to do a bit of gardening. Those stupid out-of-shape lavenders (who to blame but us!) were quite a job. I thought I could clean them off in 1 hour, heck it took me 3++ hours!!!!

image 010

image 014

Vell had a grooming session today! First time trying this mobile grooming. Good, easy and convenient!

image 011

Sorry, no before and after photo of Vell. Forgot to take, lazy to take.

And, what I had for lunch today....homemade spaghetti!

image 013



emotionalistic said...

You'll be quitting your job right? So can clear leave already :P.

Petite Lass said...

Happy moving and hope you will find a buyer for your house soon :D

Doreen said...

Yes, I have tendered my resignation. Hope I could find a job soon. Am saving the leave to cash it out later. Hehehehe

Petite Lass:
Thanks hun. Fingers crossed!

keeyit said...

So, adapt to new environment already?

tuti said...

the lavender nice mah. why must trim off? also nice smell eh? i really don't know anyway, lol.

Doreen said...

Huh? Not yet move leh. Still 1 month to go.

Doreen said...

Yes, lavender is nice. I love lavender but those really cannot make it. They were all way out of shape and even trimming also cannot bring them back to glory. So might as well clean it all. LOL