Thursday, September 09, 2010

Auckland countdown T-2 days - (T_T)

It's my last day of work.

I was struggling to give my speech in my farewell morning tea. My voice was trembling, my nose felt funny, I was holding my tears very hard. They are a bunch of great people. It was a sad day. I left with a heavy heart. (T_T)

image 031

image 032

It is too my last night living in this house, the very first home of mine. Been living here 7.5 years and tonight is the last. (T_T) (T_T)

Packing wise, it is coming to the end. I am surrounded by boxes, nothing but boxes. EVERYWHERE!

image 030
They are in the garage.....

image 028
underneath the stairs.......

image 029
In the living room......

image 027
More in the living room......

Tomorrow, the mover will load everything into the container. We will be staying at a hotel for the night then it is bye bye Wellington the next day!


emotionalistic said...

Have a safe trip, hun. *hugs*

tuti said...

smooth travels, smooth relocating.
resigning from a place with nice people is always hard. hope you'll settle in your new place and meet nice friends again soon.