Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Auckland countdown T-4 days

4 more days to go, and I am still burying myself in the boxes packing my life away. I knew we have hell lot of stuff but didn’t know we have that many! Packing is seriously draining all my time and energy. I packed day (when I am not working) and every night, sleep at 12am everyday. And that’s only packing our personal belongings. We are letting the moving people to pack the rest this coming Thu and Fri. My clothes and shoes alone has already taken up 20+ boxes (and that is after I have donated like 10++ bags of them)!! They are big boxes, half of my height! Scary or not? This, I blame no one but myself. I don’t even have time to wallow about my life in Wellington.

The only fun part about packing is the recover of stuff that are long forgotten eg. Shoes, clothes and those useless but meaningful things (like…love letters from Rick! Muahahahaha). It was a good stroll down the memory lane.


jezalmy said...

I also forget where I keep the love letter from Brian..hahaha. I hate packing job, whatever things I pack ("well pack"), Brian sure open up and said this canot throw that cannot throw, even he still keep his kindergarden uniform =_="

Declan Isaac said...

Clothes and Shoes = 20 boxes (+10 donated). Thats..... Money leh!

emotionalistic said...

And that's only packing up....wait till you unpack later :P. You may need to do a countdown for that too...hehe :P.

Doreen said...

Haha, same here! Rick likes to keep and I like to throw.

Declan Isaac:
Oh yes! My money well spent. LOL

I know, and I will curse till the sky falls I tell you. LOL Let's see how long I will take to unpack everything. *scary*