Saturday, September 04, 2010

Auckland countdown T-7 days

It was a full-on day, started 9.30am and ended basically now, well 30 mins ago.

My colleague friends (They are my colleagues but we are more like friends) came to help "swept my house clean" i.e. picking up stuff that they bought from me and those that given away. They brought their kids too, so it was kind of a get together.

Joash and AJ

Two mummies and their kids (swapped)

Supermum! LOL

Antony and his cute little ones

image 009

We then shoot off to meet up with a bunch of friends for a farewell lunch, dim sum at Regal.


Later, another early dinner gathering (with another bunch of friends) at a friend's place.



I want to go outside.......

Thank you guys (and gals) for the yummy dinner!

With the lovely host lady

We got home at around 8.30pm then started doing a bit of tidying up and cleaning till 10.30pm.

Dinning sets are gone, fridge is gone and hell lot of stuff gone! My house is looking rather empty now apart from boxes lying around. It no longer feels like home.


Dinning table and chairs...GONE!




emotionalistic said...

Although tiring, the bright side about packing up is that it helps to bring back memories of the past when you look at things you once forgotten. So how many things you had lost and found back? :P

I heard there's an earthquake in Wellington. Is everything okay there?

tuti said...

memories seeing the bare walls too, ya?
like when you first started out. gone so far. now with baby and relocating. life's journey. as interesting as you can make it! cheers!

echo emotionalistic: is everything ok with the earthquake in the area?

keeyit said...

ehh.. i found that your son really love to smile a lot.. very cheerful son just like you...

Doreen said...

emotionalistic, tuti:
Yes, packing took me down the memory lane. I found many things like, shoes, clothes etc which were long forgotten! And of course the recover of many sweet memories.

The earthquake hit Christchurch only, it didn't get to Wellington so all is well here. I hope things will get back to normal for them soon.

Hehehe yeah, he likes to smile a lot especially when he is around many people. He is 100% a socializer!

emotionalistic said...

Glad to hear that all is good. Take care there, hun ;).