Thursday, March 03, 2011

2202 the dark and the evil day

22 Feb 2011, the whole of NZ turned up-side-down. That one hit, hit us hard….real hard, right in the heart and soul. It was all over the newspaper the next day. Buildings collapsed, many lost their homes, people missing….and this time the 6.3….kills. It has taken many lives, not even sparing the innoncent ones, as young as 5 months (as the record shows so far). I have just found out, my lecturer has lost his wife. 9 days passed, there are still bodies yet to be recovered. As how the PM put it, this is NZ darkest day. What used to be a peaceful nation and a beautiful city, now no more. I trust everyone here, affected or not, has a hole in their hearts.

It hurts watching tv and reading newspapers these days. The pains they went through are just too much to bear, my eyes tear, everytime. It is devastating. I was reading through an article about the first funeral of the earthquake victims – a young (used to be) cheerful cute little boy, 9 months old. This, burnt another hole in my heart. Such a young life, how could you…..and why, mother nature? Is this necessary?

The whole nation is doing everything they possibly could to help Canterbury pick-up the pieces. Donations, appeals are everywhere. Sure, eventually the city would rise again, strong and proud but it will never be whole again. Those precious lives lost will forever cast a shadow in us.

Bless the souls.


emotionalistic said...

It's so glad to hear from you again. Even we feel the pain here, reading the newspaper every day, seeing the pain people go through every where and we are praying every single day.

Take care, hun!

Doreen said...

Life is fragile. I sometimes wonder why on earth would people want to even start a war.

Petite Lass said...

Glad that you and your family is doing well!

Doreen said...

Petite Lass:
Thanks (^_^)