Friday, March 04, 2011

Quick update

2 weeks into our new home, there are still 5 big boxes lying around. Progress is slow. It is not that we procrastinate, we just don’t have the time. On one hand, we want to get everything in order asap, on the other hand, we want to spend enough quality time with AJ. And on top of that, we are adjusting to our new routine too. So things are just not moving as quickly as I would like it to be. Time juggling is an art!

It is really frustrating when you have a lot to get done, time is not on your side. I am the kind of person who wants to get everything completed in the shortest possible time. Get them out of my chest asap so I could put my soul and mind at ease, otherwise it is just not possible for me to put my feet up and enjoy. So you can see how hard it has been for me. At one stage, I even thought of taking a day off work just to sort things out, but then I am saving every hour of my leave for my potential big trip in Sep.

Oh well, enough for the rant. Night!


emotionalistic said...

I totally understand how you feel right now since I'm kinda in your position. Sigh. If only we have 48 hours, but then again we will complain we need 72 hours later :P.

Anyway, I wouldnt tell you to take things slowly because I couldnt stand taking things slowly myself either. So, I just hope you get back your time as soon as you can ;).

Doreen said...

Thanks hun. And same goes to you ya. *hugs*