Friday, April 01, 2011

Mad rush March

The budget (work) is a huge monster. I had to pull all my strength together to finally win the battle and successfully contain it, well for another year before it comes out and bite me again. And by then hopefully I will be more well equipped to put up with the fight and squash it like a little ant! (I don’t do that to ant ok, pure illustration only). Hahahahaha

Home wise, was busy furniture hunting and getting everything organised. The house is looking more like a home now. Will share some photos soon.

So what is coming up? April will be another busy month too but no more monster (^_^)

- Catching up with a friend from Wellington
- In-laws visiting for 3 weeks
- A long weekend getaway to Rotorua and Taupo (hoping to snap some nice autumn shots)


Anonymous said... both places though rotorua is pretty smelly.heehee. :)

Doreen said...

Hahaha, yes I must agree with you. As soon as we stepped into rotorua district, can smell already. Hahahhaa

emotionalistic said...

Cant wait for some photos of your home sweet home :). Enjoy your short vacation, hun. :)