Thursday, June 09, 2011


This is what happens when you watched MasterChef. You are tempted to try all the dishes/restaurants mentioned in there. They opt to be top notch to be able to make an appearance. So after much raving about these macaroons (a French delicacy) by this French pastry chef Guillaume Nicoli in the final episode, I was in a mission to find it. I had never heard of macaroon before watching the episode, let alone trying. Guillaume Nicoli has his own brand called Ma Cherie, but he doesn’t own a retail shop. His macarons can only be found at some selected French delicacies stores.

I bought all 9 different favours from this French cafe near my work place. $1.50 each. They look as good as in the show. Beautiful colours and taste heavenly though it is a tad too sweet for me (but I think it is suppose to be that sweet one la) to have it alone without coffee. I don’t normally fancy sweet stuff, I drink my coffee with little or no sugar at all, so you can imagine.

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My favourites? Green tea and chocolate!


Declan Isaac said...

I have yet to find macaroons that's suitable for my tastebud.

emotionalistic said...

I have my coffee without sugar too :). *give me 5* Does it taste nice with coffee?

Doreen said...

Declan Isaac:
Next time we meet, I bought you some to try. I think you will like it!

*high 5* I notice we have quite a few things in common (^_^). Hopefully I could meet you one day. Yes, it definitely tastes nice with coffee.

kyh said...

it's so hard to find those here! i wanna try them so much. :S

kyh said...

oh btw, they're supposed to be called macaron (one o) as double o's refer to another pastry:

Doreen said...

Oh thanks! I wondered that too. There are articles using macaron, then also macaroon, and I just happened to pick the wrong one! LOL

jezalmy said...

i had before....errr, how to said...once a while is ok for me but not everweek or every month for me