Tuesday, June 07, 2011

My eventful Queen's birthday long weekend

My eventful long weekend. Both good and bad. It started off great, but with a terrifying ending. I will tell you why.

I had my house warming on the Sat. I woke up 7am and worked/cooked around the clock till the guests come at 5pm. It was a busy and hectic day for me, but the evening turned out just great. We all had fun catching up. The kids were having so much fun playing. AJ was really happy! It was such an enjoyable night.

Sunday, we tried this Korean buffet restaurant located at Princess Wharf. There was a great selection of food though average and relaxing atmosphere with sea view. Then we had a stroll along the wharf walking off that extra baggage while absorbing vitamin D.



The long weekend had a deep plunge on Monday, the evil day. At around 3:30pm, AJ fell down and hit the trolley while we were doing our shopping. The moment I picked him up, my heart sank. I almost lost my heart beat. He had a very deep cut near his left eye. It was about 2mm from to the eye, yes, that close! And the blood was oozing out. Rick wiped off the blood while I quickly pulled the plaster from my wallet and stick it on. AJ then stopped crying. He was back to his normal self. Being first time parents and the fact that the cut is so close to the eye, we decided to take him to the clinic. I sat there, couldn’t stop blaming myself for not being more careful and at the same time fearing that he might need a stitch or two. The doc took a look at him and told us the cut was rather deep but there was nothing serious. He would need to glue (yeah, skin glue just like super glue, geez I didn’t know such thing existed) the wound together so that AJ gets a good heal. There was no need to stitch (phew!). I still can’t shake my mind off the incident. It keeps flashing back. I guess I have been hit really hard both mentally and emotionally. The worst fear a mother can have is the health and safety of her child being compromised.


Don’t worry, AJ is all good now. Happy, cheerful and chatty like always.


Anonymous said...

I'm Chinese so my grandma used to say "不跌不长大" (if you don't fall, you'll never grow)... so don't be too harsh on yourself.

Doreen said...

Yeah, I heard that many times from my parents too, but for a first time parent, it is just a bit to hard to swallow.

emotionalistic said...

Oh my, I hope AJ is doing fine now. He is such a brave little boy!

Doreen said...

He is all good now apart from still wearing plasters.

Petite Lass said...

It's been a while since I last visited your page and see how AJ had grown!

Doreen said...

Hey! Children grow fast, real fast (^_^)