Tuesday, January 24, 2012

1st day of the lunar year 2012

Although there is not much celebration around here and it is business as usual, I do feel a little bit more about the occasion this year.  AJ is growing up, and it is fun teaching him our Chinese custom and culture.  He has been very much into Chinese new year since we got back from our holiday, watching/singing Chinese new year songs everyday.  He also has strong interest in “dong dong chiang” (the Lion Dance) after he saw his very first lion dance last Saturday in the Chinese New Year Festival.


There was a 紅包 giving session and it was quite an enjoyment seeing AJ “拜年” with his almost perfect mandarin of “恭喜發財,紅包拿來!.



Of course, having my parents here this year has made the new year celebration a heart warming one. 能和家人一起吃團圓飯是一種幸福. 

We have also given the house a wee touch of Chinese new year décor.


I made sure I wore a new dress to work.


Last but not least, the family shot!



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