Saturday, January 21, 2012

End of 2011 trip - Rome, ITALY

After a long 13-hour flight, we arrived into Rome internatonal airport, at 6am.  It was a rainy day.

Rome, as famously known by all a city full of history and ancient artefacts.  It is certainly a pure heaven for history and art passionates.  I felt like I was transported back into ancient time.  I was most intrigued by the well known Michaelangelo's paintings in Sistine Chapel, Vetican City.  Having known the stories behind and understanding the painter's mind make the paintings even more beautiful.  Now I can understand why Michaelangelo is called a genius of all time in the fine art history.

History aside, Rome is quite an interesting city unfortunately in a not-so-good way. The traffic is bad.  Drivers are ruthless.  They drive to their own rules.  Pedestrians need to be extra careful when crossing.  Beggers are a common sight.  They would come right in your face with their little tin cup.  This is the best time to practise "ignorance is a bliss"! LOL.

There are also many off street sellers, selling fake goods mainly designer bags. LV, Gucci, Prada etc all laid out nicely on the floor.  When the polices were around the area, they grabbed their bags all in their arms like bracelets and disappeared in seconds.  The next thing I saw, they were in business again in a different street!

On a good sunny day, people come to you selling sunnies.  On a rainy day, you have human trees of umbrellas running into you, €5 each.  Then on a cloudy day, all disappeared, you have your peace and quiet! LOL.

20111218_Rome 001
Just arrived into Rome Leonardo Da Vinci International Airport

20111218_Rome 002
Our hotel which is just a stone throw away from the Vatican city

20111218_Rome 002a

20111218_Rome 003

20111218_Rome 008

20111218_Rome 016

20111218_Rome 018

20111218_Rome 019

20111218_Rome 023
Castle of St Angelo

20111218_Rome 022

20111218_Rome 011

20111218_Rome 024

20111218_Rome 031a
Piazza Navona

20111218_Rome 035a
Christmas Market at Piazza Navona

20111218_Rome 054a

20111218_Rome 070
Spanish Steps

20111218_Rome 080a
Via Condotti - the place I found my comfort after an awfully long day of walking

20111218_Rome 061a
Trevi Fountain

20111218_Rome 083

20111219_Rome 010a
Vatican Museum

20111219_Rome 013a
Genesis and The Last Judgement by Michaelangelo

20111219_Rome 043a

20111219_Rome 050

20111219_Rome 090a
St. Peter's Basilica

20111219_Rome 090b

20111219_Rome 082a
The stunning interior of St. Peter's Basilica

20111219_Rome 119
Sunnies for sunny day!

20111219_Rome 101
Take note fashionistas, the world first shopping mall! (no longer in operation of course!)

20111219_Rome 098
Piazza Venezia (aka the Wedding Cake)

20111219_Rome 156a

20111219_Rome 162
Why we should drive a teeny-weeny car

20111219_Rome 166a
I am not a fan of pizza, but the authentic version is just so much nicer.  Love~

20111219_Rome 166b
And yes, ice-cream in winter!  LOL


Carrie said...

Awesome shots! Can't wait to see more Europe tour photos from you :)

Petite Lass said...

Hey Doreen, Happy CNY!!! Great photos. The shots look like those in postcards! Awesome ;)

Doreen said...

Thanks. More to come soon!

Petite Lass:
Hello!!! Long time no see! Happy CNY to you too. Gong Xi Fa Cai!