Sunday, February 05, 2012

Chinese New Year Festival

Thanks to the Chinese community here, we (specially AJ) managed to catch a glimpse of lion dance!

20120121_CNY festival 002
The festival was just started when we got there

20120121_CNY Festival 009
It was extremely crowded

20120121_CNY festival 005
Getting ready for the lion dance.  Here are all the VIPs waiting for the VVIP, our PM John Key to kick start the event

20120121_CNY Festival 007
AJ enjoying his first ever lion dance!

20120121_CNY Festival 015
Of course we didn't forget to have a good feed


keeyit said...

oh yeah.. how's the CNY celebration over there?

Time passed. CNY is over already...

Back to reality. Back to work now.

Doreen said...

Yes indeed. Time flies. Another year before the celebration comes again. The CNY celebration here is no way near home. No fire crackers, no friends visiting. Just like any other normal days.