Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Auckland anniversary weekend

I can’t remember much about what I did this long weekend. I have been so far behind with my blog and there is a lot to catch up. My memory sucks these days, but based on the photos taken, I can say we had a great family time together. See, that’s why photographs are so important!

We took AJ and his tricycle out for ride at a park/playground/beach. Really I don’t know what I should call the place. It is a park by the beach with children playground and skateboard area. Anyway, we were all toasted but that little man certainly has lots of fun!




Later, on the same day, we got home, had a rest, ditched our casual wear and donned on a nice outfit ready for fine buffet dinning at Observatory Restaurant high up on Sky Tower.

Prior to our dinner, we spent 45 mins on the Main Observation deck to enjoy the 360 degree view of Auckland city, complimentary for the diners.



I suppose you probably have noticed AJ's newly developed signature pose!!

20120129_Skycity 011

20120129_Skycity 010

20120129_Skycity 021

20120129_Skycity 028

20120129_Skycity 029

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