Monday, August 20, 2012

Dashing back to early 1920s

If you haven’t noticed already, I have a fondness for afternoon tea which as I have found out, is often referred to as low tea (rather than high tea).  So what is the different between high and low tea?  Apparently, high tea is served on “high” (main) tables, and low tea, you probably have guessed it, is served on low tables in the parlour.  There is always a misperception that high tea is a lavish version as it sounds elegant.  However, the truth is…high tea which in the old days was more for the labourer after a full day of hard (physical) work and thus a hearty meal.  On the other hand, low tea served at smaller, lower tables with fine china was preferred by the upper class.

Anyway, be it high or low, as long as it comes with multi-tier of delectable savouries and dainty sweet tooth couple with tea/coffee, I am on it!

So today, we tried out the low tea offered by Nostalgia Restaurant.  As depicted by the name, the restaurant takes you back into the past.  As soon as you walk into the restaurant, you literally step into early 1920s with the oh so glamorous, sophisticated and classy interiors.  Their attention to details is just amazing.

The service was good.  There was no club sandwich but the scone and quick bread selections were luscious.  We each allowed to order two type of teas from their selection.  I picked Meadow Flowers to go with my savoury course and Strawberry Black Tea for sweet course.  I thought the Strawberry Black Tea was really nice.

20120817_Nostalgia low tea 001
For the King and Queen

20120817_Nostalgia low tea 002
The room is in maroon with dim lighting, thus the lousy photo :(

20120817_Nostalgia low tea 003
Tea set in spade

20120817_Nostalgia low tea 006a
Even their wash room is from the 1920s

20120817_Nostalgia low tea 005
3 tiers of delectable savoury and sweets.  My favourite is that little glass of crème brûlée 

20120817_Nostalgia low tea 004


Declan Isaac said...

Such tea thing is a woman thing. I love it but i have no one to share my love for.

Doreen said...

Yes, it is a perfect setting for chit chatting, catching up with friends. You have many friends there leh. Sure got someone?

Declan Isaac said...

Haaa! They are busy with their multiple kids :).

Declan Isaac said...

By the way did you take leave to go on a weekday? This place doesnt allow any kids.

Doreen said...

Their afternoon tea is from 12pm-4.30pm so we made it a brief weekday lunch escape :P