Thursday, August 23, 2012

NZ road trips

I miss those NZ road trips that we did few years back.  Even though I have travelled a fair bit, these road trips still, are the ones that made quite an imprint in me.

We were “aggressive” then, having road trips one after another from before I was pregnant, during my pregnancy and even when AJ was as little as 5 months old!!  Nothing could get in our way!  LOL   I enjoyed it.  Very much.

My passion has always been all about Europe.  It was my dream (and still is) to set foot in every part in that continent.  I have been there twice but somehow it doesn’t quite make it to the Oh-I-miss-those-times list. 

“Why?”  asked myself.  I have spent a fortune on Europe yet it is the road trips that I miss the most.  How does that work really?

There, I sat pondering.

NZ road trip

NZ is a beautiful country blessed with breathtaking scenery and road trip is the best way to catch those picturesque sights.  When you are surrounded with such a peaceful and mind blowing scenery all day long, your mind is at ease, your heart is happy and then everything seems perfect.  I suppose living here makes all the planning and the execution much easier.  We know our way around, there is no cultural shock, no language barrier.  It is a home away from home if you get my drift.  We have all the time we want, we take it easy and we can just change our itinerary as we see fit.  It is basically STRESS-FREE.  Isn’t that the whole point of having a holiday?  


Nonetheless, my Europe dream does not stop here.  They are more like a “been there, done that” type of goal achieving vacation in addition to experiencing different cultures and environment.  I would still spend my life saving going there and come back missing NZ road trips.  LOL  Life is ironic.

However, for now, it is time to plan another road trip!

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Kee Chua Toh said...

I have living in Europe for almost 10 years, but I still love Singapore and Malaysia =), may be because I like the sun always shine country, so that my smile will always shine too. But definitely NZ is a very beautiful country with breathtaking scenery. Wish you enjoy as much as you could!